26th May 2021

Daily updates for 26th May 2021

Old video showing rapper MC Kode insulting Hinduism goes viral on social media

The New York Times uses arbitrarily chosen random numbers to claim that India’s actual Covid-19 infection and deaths are much more

Right to privacy is a fundamental right, the new policy will not affect it or individuals: Govt reassures after WhatsApp moves court against new IT rules

Not just wanting to use hospitals to convert Hindus, IMA Chief Johnrose Jayalal also harbours visceral hate for PM Modi

Ex-IAS officer who advocated for ‘laal batti’ elitism in The Print article was notorious for absconding from work: Details

Dead bodies at river banks, the seemingly ghoulish practice goes much beyond Covid-19. This is why Hindus ‘bury’ too

NCPCR pulls up Maharashtra govt for not filing FIR against Netflix series Bombay Begums makers, children were shown snorting drugs in the show

Rana Ayyub, Barkha Dutt and the funeral pyre of journalism: How western media has attacked Modi Sarkar in 7 years of its rule

Fifty Shades of ThePrint: 50 examples of how the leftist portal is running propaganda in the name of journalism

Online test platform Gradeup blames center spreading riots in Bengal, apologizes after social media uproar

IMA continues to bully Baba Ramdev, now sues him for Rs 1,000 crore over his statements on Allopathic medicine

‘Rohit Sardana’s immense wealth’: Videos and images with fake claims on deceased journalist go viral

WhatsApp moves to Delhi HC against Indian govt’s new IT rules, claims it will harm privacy protection policies

Tonsuring head, self-flogging daily, not allowed to take bath: Ex-Nuns reveal how Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity worked like a ‘cult’

Viral claim about Gurudwara Takht Shri Hazur Sahib donating gold of 50 years for hospitals is fake. Here is the truth

“Wasn’t spared even though I’m pregnant” says victim of Purnia violence

Ancient burial practice along Ganga riverbanks being used to discredit CM Yogi

LRPF lodges complaint asking for cancellation of IMA’s FCRA license

“Send me your wife, then we will allow you back in the village”: TMC leader to BJP woman worker’s husband

Good teacher, bad teacher

आईएमए द्वारा आयुर्वेद को कोसना: क्या ईसाई मजहब की वर्चस्ववादी मानसिकता उत्तरदायी है?

Hindu Kohli community driven out of their homes in Sindh, Pakistan – Police refuses to act

“You north Indians got rich because of Dravidian party not BJP, but you keep supporting BJP”: DMK Minister

भगवान विष्णु का नृसिंह अवतार: क्योंकि आवश्यक है आततायी का नाश

Complaint filed against Indian Medical Association President for abusing his position and engaging in proselytization

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