3rd June 2021

Daily updates for 3rd June 2021

मीडिया और विपक्ष के नाजायज़ गठबंधन की गांठ का नाम है …रवीश कुमार..!

बाल यौन-शोषण का प्रचार करनेवाली ‘बॉम्बे बेगम्स’ वेब सीरिज

कट्टर मजहबी गतिविधियों में शामिल हैं मदरसे, सरकारी धन क्यों खर्च कर रही है राज्य सरकार: केरल HC

Google Apologizes For Showing Kannada As ‘World’s Ugliest Language’; State Warns Action

Busting The Myth Of Mughal Connection With Biryani | Origin Of Biryani In India

लड़कियों को पकड़ पकड़ कर बलात्कार करा रही बीजेपी तथा कर रही शरीयत से छेड़छाड़, इसलिए अल्लाह ने भेजा Corona …ये बयान अखिलेश के सांसद का है

Isn’t Nagaland part of India? Netizens question Rahul Kanwal after an on-air faux pas

Another Assassination Attempt on Dasna Devi Temple Head Priest Yati Narsinhanand Saraswati, Fatwas Were Issued Against Him After He Had Criticised Islam

पप्पू खान ने नाबालिक लड़की के साथ पहले रेप किया फिर धर्म परिवर्तन कर निकाह किया । “लव जिहाद” की ऐसी सच्चाई जिसे पढ़कर आपकी रूह कांप उठेगी

90 के दर्द फिर ताजा: BJP नेता राकेश पंडिता की आतंकियों ने गोली मारकर हत्या की, हिंदुओं की कश्मीर वापसी की बड़ी आवाज़ थे पंडिता

‘India Facing Cyclone, Covid Deaths As BJP Tinkered With Sharia Laws’: Samajwadi Party MP ST Hasan’s Bizarre Remark

MC Kode ने पोस्ट की आत्महत्या की बात: लोगों ने कहा पब्लिसिटी स्टंट, फिर सामने आई ‘लाश’

Timely intervention by UP CM Yogi Adityanath stops Hindu exodus from Noorpur village

पुलवामा: एक और कश्मीरी पंडित नेता राकेश पंडिता की गोली मारकर हत्या, गए थे दोस्त से मिलने

J&K: Kashmiri Hindu Municipal Councillor Shot Dead By Terrorists In Pulwama’s Tral

Congress makes Imran ‘boti boti’ Masood AICC secretary in-charge of Delhi: All you need to know about him

Bir of Guru Granth Sahib hit by bullet during Operation Blue Star put on public display by SGPC

Remembering June 3 – The day when Indian National Congress lost large swathes of land to Pakistan

Ex AAP leader Dr Kumar Vishwas gives a befitting reply to a troll who questioned his stand on the farmer issue

Isn’t Nagaland part of India? Netizens question Rahul Kanwal after an on-air faux pas

Third Battle of Panipat: Jihad of the temple destroying hoards, the valiant Marathas and the far-reaching effects of the loss

J and K: BJP leader Rakesh Pandita shot dead by terrorists in Pulwama, LeT’s front organisations claim responsibility

Uttar Pradesh: One more assassination attempt on Dasna temple’s Yati Narsinghanand averted, two suspects arrested

Rapper MC Kode goes missing after cryptic Instagram post, viral image of his ‘dead body’ fake

‘Namaz will happen, won’t let them (Hindus) have wedding procession without permission’: AIMIM leader Syed Nazim Ali on Noorpur Dalit violence

The Pan Islamic danger to Bharat and Hindus

AMU-educated MP Dr. ST Hasan says Covid-19, cyclones are divine punishment for ‘injustice to Muslims’

Fire accident in Mandaikkadu Bhagavthi temple, the Sabarimala of women

Municipal councillor Rakesh Pandita shot dead by terrorists in J&K

Terminate jobs of those who convert either before or after availing reservation benefits – Madras HC

MC Kode’s Hinduphobic rap, his insincere apology, and the rootless upbringing in modern Hindu families

Assam CM Himanta ensures Muslim mob of 24 is arrested within hours of attacking doctor

“Go and settle matters with Jahangir”: WB Police to wife of arrested and custodially tortured BJP worker

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