28th June 2021

Daily updates for 28th June 2021

हिंदू बच्चों को नमाज पढ़वाने को लेकर एनसीपीसीआर हुआ सक्रिय, जिलाधिकारी को जांच करने का कहा

सुन लीजिए… सपा विधायक जी को ‘बढ़ती आबादी के लिए दलित-आदिवासी जिम्मेदार, सिर्फ बच्चा पैदा करना इनका काम’, इसमें मुस्लिमों का कोई रोल नहीं’

Twitter removes distorted map of India from its website without explanation or apology amid standoff with Govt of India

Former Chancellor of Maulana Azad University Zafar Sareshwala accused of whitewashing forced religious conversion of Sikh girls: Details

Record number of foreign students apply for admission to Kerala University, most from Iraq and Afghanistan

‘Can’t force her’: Sikh body admits missing girl from Kashmir who converted to Islam does not want to return

Delhi High Court refuses to grant interim relief to Quint over non-compliance of IT Rules after Centre had sent notices

‘Home Minister Amit Shah has assured safety of minority Sikh girls in Jammu and Kashmir, will meet delegation soon’: Manjinder Sirsa

The ‘Sanghi propaganda’ trope on abduction and conversion of Sikh girls to Islam. Here is how this online tirade is an omen of impending danger

Salim converts and marries minor girl after pretending to help in treatment, UP police book 3 under POCSO and anti-conversion law

Son of SP leader Abu Azmi calls for arrest of Baba Ramdev for criticising name of Allahabad, calls him ‘Dhongi Yogi’

Wokeness is not a social revolution, it is a religion imposed by the ruling class

Gujarat: Hindu Samaj stops AAP leader Italia from performing Darshan at Somnath Temple, had insulted Brahmins and rituals

Saba Naqvi and Alt News cofounder Zubair reach police station to record their statement in fake hate crime case

Supreme Court dismisses plea seeking protection of Hindus from the Muslim community in Mewat

Twitter shows a distorted map of India on its website yet again, has been a repeat offender

‘Dalit and tribals responsible for population growth, not Muslims’: SP leader Iqbal Mehmood over proposed population law in UP

‘ISIS wants doctors and engineers, hence recruits from Kerala because people are educated’: Outgoing DGP

UP conversion racket: Umar Gautam, Qasmi had received Rs 2 crores from UK, ATS tracking illegal foreign funding

‘Charampanthi nahin aatankwadi’: Netizens correct BBC for watering down terror attack

Pulwama: Hours after Jammu IAF station drone attack, terrorists kill former SPO and his family

Days after being summoned by UP Police, Twitter’s grievance officer Dharmendra Chatur quits

पढ़ा-लिखा राज्य है केरल, इसलिए ISIS की भर्ती का केंद्र: DGP ने कहा- आतंकियों को भी डॉक्टर-इंजीनियर की जरूरत

Dhruv Rathee fanboys are now after YouTuber Karolina Goswami after she exposed him

UP: अखिलेश के विधायक ने बढ़ती आबादी के लिए दलितों को ठहराया जिम्मेदार, कहा- मुसलमानों को तो बदनाम किया जा रहा, जनसंख्या नियंत्रण का सपा करेगी विरोध

Zakir Naik’s Hijra Theory at work? Students from ISIS strongholds applying to Kerala University, Intel agencies on alert

फरीदाबाद: लिफ्ट देने के बहाने नाबालिग का यौन शोषण, POCSO के तहत 2 गिरफ्तार

Protests Breakout After Two Sikh Girls Forcefully Converted In Kashmir, Law On Interfaith Marriage Demanded   

After Twitter, Parliamentary Panel Summons Google And Facebook Over Misuse Of Social Media Platforms

Biggest Beneficiary Of Gandhiji’s Assassination?

देखो, इस पार पक्का बुरा मान जाऊँगा: ट्विटर से रविशंकर प्रसाद, 77वीं बार

West Bengal Post-Poll Violence: NHRC Invites Victims To File Complaints  

फतेहपुर: मौलाना ने किया ऐसा ब्रेनवॉश कि सोनू बन गया शकील, अब धर्मांतरण से इंकार पर पत्नी को दे रहा शारीरिक यातना, बहन का निकाह करने पर उतारू

सपा नेता उम्मेद पहलवान के खिलाफ NSA लगाने की तैयारी में गाजियाबाद पुलिस; अंतिम निर्णय लेगें डीएम

Twitter India’s Interim Grievance Officer Quits Only Days After His Appointment

Love Jihad in Kashmir! 2 Sikh girls abducted, converted; Need nation-wide enactment of anti-conversion law

गनपॉइंट पर उठाया सिख लड़कियों को और बुर्का पहनाकर बना दिया मुसलमान … CAA दंगाईयों को बिरयानी खिलाने वालों के उड़ गए होश

Ghaziabad Police Set To Slap NSA Against SP Leader Ummed Pahalwan; DM To Take Final Call

असम: 9 वर्षीय बच्ची से रेप कर की गई थी हत्या, 65 वर्षीय आरोपी मौलाना गिरफ्तार

Sherni portrays real life hero Hindus as villains- Bollywood’s anti-Hindu propaganda continues

Sikh girl groomed to marry much older Muslim man in J&K – SGPC sings a different tune

An inconvenient truth: Yogendra Yadav inadvertently reveals true face of ‘intellectual freedom’ under UPA

Controversial Kerala Women’s Commission head MC Josephine quits after public outcry

Pink-dollar industry might reduce Hindu Dharma to mockery, time to wake up!

छवियों के माध्यम से लोक और इतिहास से दूर करने का षड्यंत्र!

Muslim employee, his father and brother-in-law arrested for converting and marrying minor daughter of Hindu employer

“TN stands with its head held high”- ally congratulates DMK for removing Jai Hind from governor’s address

South Bharat to remain indifferent to national parties

कश्मीर में सिख लड़कियों के साथ लव जिहाद? लोगों के निशाने पर आए मनजिंदर सिंह सिरसा

Counter Report to US Commission’s Report on Bharat

Recognizing the Hidden Enemy – the Trojan Right Wing

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