30th July 2021

Daily updates for 30th July 2021

DMK Govt To Convert Ancient Hindu Temples Into Church Run Schools Or Hospitals By Removing “Hindu Religious” From HR&CE Dept In Tamil Nadu?

‘When Taliban found out that Danish was in a mosque, they went for him and executed him in cold blood,’ reports reveal

असम: भक्ति गीतों में ‘ईसा मसीह’ का नाम डाल धर्मांतरण का ‘स्कैम’ करने वाला रंजन चूटिया गिरफ्तार

लखनऊ: लोहिया संस्थान में जूनियर महिला डॉक्टर को बंधक बनाकर डॉ. मुईन ने की गंदी बात, व्हाट्सएप पर भेजता था अश्लील मैसेज, FIR दर्ज

तमिलनाडु में मंदिर को किया गया अपवित्र, मंदिर की चट्टान पर ‘अल्लाह’ और 786 लिखा गया..!

साम्प्रदायिकता और तुष्टीकरण के बारूद से केरल में फटा कोरोना बम

Taliban Brutally Murdered Reuters Photojournalist Danish Siddiqui After Verifying His Identity: Report

Cow Birthed Indian Civilization’s Economy And So Is Rightly Addressed As ‘Mother’

Hindus boycott dairy products of church run company after pastor George Ponnaiah’s hate speech

This is what True Indology wrote about Mizos before being forced to delete his account by politician!

DMK Minister’s daughter-in-law wants a law that requires Vatican’s permission to arrest Christian pastors: Details

Indian Photojournalist Danish Siddiqui Was Captured Alive and Executed by Taliban

USA: Hinduphobia gets governmental recognition, July to be recognised as Hindu Persecution Awareness Month in Edison, NJ

Assam: Christian evangelist Ranjan Chutia arrested for converting people in the name of treatments, had changed Vaishnav devotional songs to praise Jesus Christ

National Gallery of Australia to hand over 14 artefacts to Indian Govt, most of them were looted from India

Danish Siddiqui was identified as an Indian by Taliban, dragged out of a mosque, beaten and executed, body mutilated: Read details

दानिश सिद्दीकी: दुर्घटना से मृत्यु नहीं बल्कि तालिबान द्वारा की गयी नृशंस हत्या

Taliban will not be accepted by international community if atrocities persist: UN envoy

Photojournalist Danish Siddique was brutally murdered by Taliban: Report 

Tamil Nadu: Muslims object to Hindus sacrificing pigs on their festival, says it creates unhygienic environment and pollutes the area

Watch: American Antifa journalist of Indian origin knocked out with a punch by a person of colour

True Indology deactivates his Twitter account after getting legal threats for recounting troubled history of Mizo-Assam strife, this is what he said

Himachal Pradesh: Over 20 journalists receive threatening calls from pro-Khalistan group Sikhs for Justice

The tale of a missing Dalit girl found in a Burqa, Karni Sena stopping ‘love jihad’ and a video: All you need to know about the Ballia case

Governor Swaraj vs True Indology saga: How a Twitter thread proved online clout is no substitute for real power, and the abuse of it

Watch: Tamil Nadu police remove saffron flag, demolishes boundary wall of a Hindu resident who says Church filed false complaint

Wrong charts, cherry-picked data: The Hindu tries to claim Muslim population growth is same as Hindus using false analysis

Complaint filed against Anurag Kashyap directed film Ghost Stories on Netflix for “foetus eating scene”

Pakistani terrorists could target Hindu Temples in J&K on Aug 5th and Independence Day to spark tensions, intel says

Tamil Nadu in the grip of Christian fundamentalists? Minister’s daughter-in-law demands law forbidding arrest of clergymen without pre-approval from Pope

केरल की प्रीति को नौकरी के लिए ‘एजेंट’ सलीम, जख़ीर ने भेजा कतर: 16 माह तक बनाए रखा बंधक

“Hindu” word removed from HR&CE dept board in Nagercoil, added after protest from Hindu leaders

40 Mizos of ‘world’s largest family’ who survived mass conversion now battle COVID-19

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