12th August 2021

Daily updates for 12th August 2021

VHP ने भरी हुंकार… दिल्ली में सरकारी जमीन पर नहीं बनने देंगे हज हाउस

Christian schools saving Rs 2,500 crore by denying seats to poor in India: Child rights body

The Eight-year-old Hindu boy in Pakistan could face the death penalty.

महाकाल मंदिर में खुदाई से निकले करीब 2100 साल पुरानी ईंट, जलाधारी शिवलिंग व विष्णु की मूर्ती

नागपंचमी का महत्व और आपातकालीन स्थिति में कैसे करें नाग देवता की पूजा?

RJD का ब्राह्मणों पर हमला, कहा- मुट्ठीभर चितपावन ब्राह्मणों के संगठन की आरक्षण रोकने की औकात नहीं

‘They have become ghettoes of underprivileged students languishing in backwardness,’ NCPCR demands mainstreaming of minority institutions

After Himanta’s ‘warning’, ULFA-I now abandons its 42 year long Independence Day boycott

Mamata Banerjee’s Choice Of 16 August As ‘Khela Hobe Diwas’ Is An Insult To Bengal’s Hindus And An Attempt To Whitewash History

अनुच्छेद 370 के निरस्त होने के बाद 520 हिन्दुओं ने की घाटी में वापसी, राज्यसभा में गृह मंत्रालय ने साझा किए आंकड़े

Two were murdered in a Kanpur house during 1984 Sikh riots, SIT returns to find culprits after 36 years

Can Stalin Head The Advisory Committee On Temples If He Is Not Hindu?

Manhunt launched to nab man for raping two girls living in children’s home

शकुंतला: हिन्दू धर्म की स्वतंत्र और स्वाभिमानी स्त्री

K’taka Bangla woman gang rape case: NIA starts probe

As DMK government denies access to temples & water bodies, Hindus perform Pitru Tarpan on streets

सरकारी जमीन पर सरकारी खर्चे से हज हाउस नहीं बनने देंगे: डॉ सुरेन्द्र जैन

Easter Sunday attacks: Colombo Archdiocese claims ex-President Sirisena was ‘soft’ towards Islamic terrorism

Won’t allow Haj House on govt land by Govt money: Dr Surendra Jain, VHP

No decision taken to prepare National Register of Citizens: Govt

Days ahead of Independence Day, J&K Police arrest journalist Adil Farooq with 2 live grenades

2 injured in Shillong blast, banned Christian terror outfit claims responsibility

Begusarai: 11-year-old Mahadalit girl raped near a graveyard, one Md Sintu arrested while co-accused Md Laddu remains on the run

Tamil Nadu: Christian pastor who had organised George Ponnaiah’s hate speech event booked on gang-rape charges

Ansar Khan, accused of making bombs for Delhi riots, was framed by neighbour Mujammil Alvi due to old enmity, reveals Delhi police probe

The deviousness with which an 8-year-old boy was framed for ‘blasphemy’ in Pakistan, facing death sentence now

Gujarat: 108 temples of Vadodara to get loudspeakers to play Hanuman Chalisa twice a day

School textbooks: Tools of knowledge or weapons of cultural genocide?

UN के गलियारे में मौजूद है 11 शताब्दी की सूर्य मूर्ति, आगंतुकों के लिए बनी है आकर्षण

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