16th August 2021

Daily updates for 16th August 2021

Those Three Days

सेल्युलर जेल में सावरकर : सांस-सांस में संकल्प

शर्म तुमको मगर आती नहीं लिब्रान्डूओं: तालिबान का नाम नहीं ले सकते और ‘संघी’ हैं बड़ी समस्या?

वडोदरा में धर्म जागरण के लिए अनूठी पहल, 108 मंदिरों को दिए गए लाउडस्पीकर

Western Academia Progresses From Hinduphobia To Hindumisia — Hindu Hatred 

Western Academia Progresses From Hinduphobia To Hindumisia — Hindu Hatred

मंदिर के बाहर जैन शिकंजी के नाम से बेची जा रही थी बिरयानी… विरोध करने पर भड़के मजहबी उन्मादियों ने किया भीषण हमला, मंदिर पर किया पथराव

Pakistan only wants to massacre Hindus in Afghanistan

Last Hindu of Kabul, Pandit Rajesh Kumar of Rattan Nath Temple, refuses to leave amid Taliban takeover


हमें तालिबान से सीखना है: कौन हैं ‘क्लबहाउस’ में अफगानिस्तान की तबाही का जश्न मानने वाले लोग?

सुभद्रा कुमारी चौहान: वीर ही नहीं हर रस की लेखिका

OBC Bill : Is it a genuine quest for social justice or a piecemeal political response?

छत्तीसगढ़ : तीन लाख रुपये के इनामी नक्सली ने किया आत्मसमर्पण

Kerala: Two men, Anas and Samad, hurl footwear at lady doctor

Odisha uses pandemic as excuse to place severe restrictions on Hindu festivals

In the NYTimes, only white leaders stand out

K’taka: 3 SDPI goons disrupt villagers’ I-Day Rath Yatra, demand inclusion of Tipu Sultan portrait

Goa: Recent burial in cemetery reserved for British people sparks controversy

Punjabi truck driver arrested for smuggling drugs into Canada

‘Just because they oppress women they don’t have stakes?’: The Wire provides platform to journalist who legitimises Taliban

Presence of Taliban fans and apologists in India is a warning sign: Partition horrors can repeat unless we wake up

The destruction of Bamiyan Buddhas: How the Taliban obliterated the 6th-century monuments to deny their own past

TMC workers celebrate ‘Khela Hobe Diwas’ in Tripura, on the anniversary of Direct Action Day

Delhi riots accused Jamia ‘student’ found welcoming Taliban rule in viral audio clip on Twitter space: Here is what we know so far

Communal tension as chicken biryani sold under banner of ‘Jain Shikanji’ outside temple in UP, mob attacks Jain pilgrims who objected

Hazaar laanat redux: ‘Liberals’ get furious at ‘right wing’ and ‘Sanghis’ after Afghanistan falls to Taliban

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