22nd August 2021

Daily updates for 22nd August 2021

यूपी का वो जिला जहां पनपते रहे हैं इस्लामिक आतंकी.. पकड़े जा चुके कई चरमपंथी

Indian state Haryana’s government bans use of expression ‘Gorakh Dhanda’, but why?

1921 Malabar Incident – Moplah(Muslim) Rebellion Or Hindu Genocide

रेप में प्यार, जिहाद में आजादी… हिंदू-दलित लड़कियों के जबरन धर्मांतरण-निकाह पर ऐसे डाला जाता है पर्दा

India: Another Hindu woman converted to Islam, sold off, slaughtered by Muslim husband

उत्तराखंड: तीर्थ स्थलों व गंगा घाटों पर हुड़दंग व मादक पदार्थों का सेवन करने वालों पर कार्रवाई, 15 जुलाई से अब तक 1870 व्यक्ति गिरफ्तार

‘भीम-मीम’ का फटा पोस्टर निकली असलियत: उदित राज को मिली शांतिदूतों से सैकड़ों मां-बहन की गालियां

TTD To Bring All Veda Pathshalas Under Sri Venkateswara Vedic University To Sustain Knowledge In Vedas For Future Generations

रक्षाबंधन को पितृसत्ता का त्यौहार बताने वाला फेमिनिज्म, तालिबान के सम्मुख नतमस्तक है!

Muslim men harass minor Hindu girls, attack family members and police: Indore, MP

How Christianity overtook Europe

Hindus under attack: weekly roundup of hate-crimes, persecution and discrimination against Hindus

Temple priests appointment row: All caste leaders come together to oppose DMK governement’s move

रक्षाबंधन को पितृसत्ता का त्यौहार बताने वाला फेमिनिज्म, तालिबान के सम्मुख नतमस्तक है!

Kerala Assembly Speaker compares genocidal Islamist responsible for Moplah Massacre to Bhagat Singh

Gender activist group makes minor boy wear mangalsutra, bindi to ‘smash the patriarchy’: Its history of using minors for propaganda

Meerut: Abdul Salam trapped and sexually exploited 4 Hindu girls in 15 years using different Hindu identities, tried to convert them

Netizens trend #MalabarIslamicState to pay tribute to victims on 100 years of Moplah Massacre

As certain as sunset: ‘Feminists’ once again malign Raksha Bandhan as Hindus celebrate sibling love

J&K govt allots 25 kanal land to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board to build Yatri Niwas for pilgrims

J&K govt activates online grievance redressal portal for Kashmiri migrants to address property-related issues

Residents of Mirzapur urge Uttar Pradesh government to rename the district as ‘Vindhyanchal Nagar’

Tension in Muzaffarpur after Muharram and Suwariya mela at the same place, locals clash with police after pigs meant for sacrifice snatched by cops

Afghan MP Narender Singh Khalsa amongst the 23 Sikhs rescued from Kabul, thanks PM Modi for swift evacuation

Watch: Pakistan’s Jamia Hafsa organises event to celebrate Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, calls them ‘Khanjar hai Kafiro pe’

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