31st August 2021

Daily anti-Hindu news updates for 31st August 2021

मथुरा में नहीं बिकेगी शराब व मांस, CM योगी ने प्रतिबंध लगाने के लिए अधिकारियों को दिए निर्देश

कानून के लपेटे में आया बच्चे से ‘मेरा यीशु यीशु’ करवाने वाला पादरी.. NCPCR ने लिया एक्शन

हिंदी प्रगतिशील साहित्य और नैरेटिव निर्माण

Two more dacoits, Rafajuddin Ali and Basit Ali, killed in Assam police encounter

Paid promotion by HINOs for Hotstar web series glorifying Babur?

Pakistan: Islamist mob vandalises Hindu temple in Sindh province, destroys Krishna idol on Janmashtami

Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind bats for Talibani diktat, opposes co-education even for non-Muslims

1 Comment

  1. Outside forces are trying to destroy hindu culture and Hinduism.
    It really is very scary , both Christian and Islam are weaponised religions. Both Christian and
    Islam are trying to convert Hindus forcefully in india.
    Brown harming Brown continues today aggressively just like in British colonizers time.
    What can Hindus do now before these ugly weaponised religions destroy our Vedic dharma?
    Young people in India are brainwashed by islam, Christians, Bollywood, academia, leftist, and even Brown harming Brown.
    So sad.

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