6th August 2021

Daily updates for 6th August 2021

Islamists demand ban on Netflix, Raza Academy wants strict action against the platform for Nava Rasa poster

No, Gul Panag, the left-wing is not learning intolerance from right, they have always been at the forefront of cancel culture

Taliban removes Sikh religious flag from historic gurdwara in Afghanistan, India condemns the incident

Meet Aveek Sen: Newslaundry’s creepy writer who harassed a Baloch activist and sits with spreadsheets to harass non-Left Twitter accounts

‘Delete or face action’: Scientist Anand Ranganathan asks lawyer to initiate action against Alt News writer for lying and maligning his name

Netflix wants you to believe that we are living in some ‘Hindu dystopia’, but here’s the real dystopia we live in

The Print tries to malign scientist Govardhan Das based on anonymous comments on PubPeer: Here is what happened

‘Each and every brick will tell you a brilliant story of its time’: Archaeologist KK Muhammad talks about Nalanda University

Tamil Nadu: 7 brass kalasams atop towers of Manjal Neer Kootha Ayyanar temple looted, case registered

Sadhu of an Ashram brutally beaten by locals in West Champaran, Bihar, video goes viral: Here is the reason

Ghar Wapsi in Uttar Pradesh: A family of six from Shamli revert to Hinduism from Islam after 12 years, say ‘have rectified our mistake’

इरशाद ने हाथ पर कलावा बांधा तथा सोनू बनकर Love JIhad में फंसा लिया नाबालिग को .. फिर भाई, बहनोई, दोस्त, बेटे, भतीजे और साले ने किया बलात्कार

FIR filed against US-based Khalistani terrorist in Gurugram

Jharkhand extortion case: NIA files charge sheet against 17 PLFI Maoist terrorists

अफगानिस्तान में गुरुद्वारा थाल साहिब से सिखों का पवित्र झंडा तालिबान द्वारा हटाया जाना

Ex-Christian Esther Dhanraj: “How do I handle criticism and abuse? I just don’t. I meditate!”

WB post-poll pogrom: Sibal, Singhvi question NHRC findings, matter drags in courts while Hindus suffer

5-year-old girl lured with candies, raped by Owais: Muzaffarnagar, UP

पीतमपुरा में नमाज: छावनी में बदल गया है इलाका, शुक्रवार सुबह से ही तैनात है भारी पुलिसबल

मस्जिद में भी नहीं हारा ‘शैतान’: इमाम के बेटे ने 5 साल की बच्ची को मस्जिद में ले जाकर किया रेप

पहले दिल्ली में 9 साल की बच्ची से दरिंदगी, फिर बिहार की 8 साल की मासूम से हैवानियत , मुंगेर में बच्ची से पहले रेप, फिर उंगलिया और आंखें निकालीं

Former Karnataka Congress MLA’s grandson arrested over suspected links with Kerala module of Islamic State

UP: Village chief writes to CM asking cancellation of SC-ST benefits to converts

NIA files charge sheet against 6 terrorists in LeM conspiracy case

Self-loathing and Bharat’s Anglophones

Andhra: Pastors film children, fake them as orphans to collect funds for their NGO

Miscreants steal Khalasam of Mariamman temple under HR&CE control in Salem

इरशाद ने हाथ पर कलावा बांधा तथा सोनू बनकर Love JIhad में फंसा लिया नाबालिग को .. फिर भाई, बहनोई, दोस्त, बेटे, भतीजे और साले ने किया बलात्कार

मुजफ्फरनगर: टॉफी का लालच देकर मस्जिद में 5 साल की बच्ची से किया रेप, फरार आरोपी गिरफ्तार

Assam Grants Blanket Recognition To Gorkhas As Indian Citizens After Including Them In ‘Indigenous Groups’ List

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