3rd January 2022

Daily anti-Hindu news updates for 3rd January 2022

लव जिहाद में फंसाकर हिन्दू लड़की को बेचता था नकली सैन्य अधिकारी… नेपाल में कैद युवती लगा रही बचाने की गुहार

Minor Girl Who ‘Eloped’ And Had Conversion-Nikah Files For Divorce; Swarajya Reported The Case In 2018

VHP response to open letter complaint by Mar Thoma church

Farrukhabad : जब सनातन धर्म की सभ्यता का हुआ एहसास तो पुनः 45 परिवारों ने की घर वापसी

ये कांग्रेसशासित छत्तीसगढ़ है…जहाँ दावते इस्लामी नामक मुस्लिम संगठन को 10 लाख वर्गफीट से भी ज़्यादा ज़मीन देने के मामले की है चर्चा

Unity of Ummah is the only solution to ‘Kashmir problem’, says Jamaat-e-Islami

Prime Minister remembers Rani Velu Nachiyar on her birth anniversary

दिल्ली पुलिस ने ट्विटर से ‘बुल्ली बाई’ ऐप पर ट्वीट करने वालों की मांगी जानकारी, सरकार बोली- कार्रवाई जारी है

Demonising Hindutva: Gurugram protesters seeking Kalicharan Maharaj’s release dubbed ‘anti-namaz brigade’

बिहार में बीते 10 सालों में SC/ST एक्ट के सिर्फ 8% केस ही मिले सही, CM को सौंपी गई रिपोर्ट

Scamster No. 1? Saket Gokhale’s crowdfunding platforms from which he raised Rs 76 lakh goes unreachable

Irregularities and misappropriations: Some high-profile ‘activists’ whose crowdfunding drives have faced controversy

WB CM imposing strict Covid restrictions after Christmas and new year may be like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted

‘Highly inappropriate’: After Hindu protest, US jewelry firm removes Lord Ganesha navel rings

Upset that his converted children won’t perform final rites, Hindu man donates his house to temple

Bangladesh: Muslims desecrate three Hindu temples by hanging raw beef on their doors

विचारधारा और अनुवाद या अनुवाद की विचारधारा

MF Husain — the ungrateful ‘artist’ who insulted Hinduism and got away with it

Ghar Wapsi in Samastipur: Man reconverts to Hinduism from Islam after 15 years

PAK संस्था ‘दावत-ए-इस्लामी’ को 25 एकड़ जमीन देने के लिए कॉन्ग्रेस सरकार ने रातों-रात तैयार किए कागज, बवाल मचने पर आवेदन निरस्त

ईसाई मिशनरीज़ का जाल और बर्बाद परिवार: बच्चों द्वारा धर्म बदलने से क्षुब्ध पिता ने करोड़ों का मकान मन्दिर को दान कर दिया

159 Bharatiya Hindu pilgrims arrive in Pak to visit century-old temple

Juna Akhara head asks why abusers of Sri Ram, Maa Sita, and Hindu deities roam free while likes of Kalicharan Maharaj are arrested for criticizing Gandhi?

Pakistan: Jamaat-e-Islami leader calls for Ummah unity to solve the ‘Kashmir issue’

Indore: Protesters booked for demonstrating against the arrest of Hindu religious leader Kalicharan Maharaj

‘Garv se kaho hum Hindu hai’: Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath slams ‘accidental Hindu’ Rahul Gandhi in Amethi

Bangladesh: Bags of raw beef hung in 3 temples, Hindus protest against desecration

How political mudslinging over Saket Gokhale saga betrays the biggest hate speech that goes around unchecked in India

‘Decide what to do about bringing ISIS bride Sonia from Afghanistan within 8 weeks’: SC tells Govt

Land Allotment Row: Congress Government In Chhattisgarh Called Out For Allegedly Dealing With Pakistan-Based Outfit

Dawat-e-Islami का जमीन आवंटन रद्द, बीजेपी नेता ने खड़े किए थे सवाल

Missionaries of Charity Row: Uncharitable Actions

BSF recovers huge cache of arms, ammunition, heroin near IB from Jammu

After Massive Protest, Congress Govt in Chhattisgarh Cancels Land Allotment to Pakistan-based Islamist Organisation Dawat-e-Islami

India: Islamic group goes to Supreme Court to stop ‘insults’ to Muhammad

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