12th January 2022

Daily anti-Hindu news updates for 12th January 2022

मदरसे में कैद कर विधवा हिन्दू महिला का जबरन कराया गया धर्मांतरण… जिहादी युवक चढ़ा प्रशासन के हत्थे

Chhattisgarh: Hindu man files complaint against Muslim wife and in-laws for converting minor son to Islam by forcibly circumcising him, case registered

Another chargesheet: Illegal immigration into Bengal assumes worrying propositions 

SSB raises concern over increase in mosques and madrasas along Nepal border in UP, months after reports of their terror links

Umar Khalid’s counsel says IO is ‘communal’, refers to web series like ‘Family Man’

Liberals selectively quote Swami Vivekananda to “secularise” the Hindu icon, but here’s how he continues to inspire a billion youth

Hyderabad: FIR against Tamil actor Siddharth on the complaints of Hindu Jana Shakti for his crass comments on Saina Nehwal

Ladakh: Revenue Dept scraps Urdu as mandatory language for govt jobs after BJP MP wrote to Amit Shah

Bulli Bai creator Niraj Bishnoi belongs to a family of Congress supporters, media misinformation leads villagers to believe he bought and sold women

लखनऊ: मॉडलिंग का झांसा देकर फैजल अली सिद्दीकी ने युवती को बनाया हवस का शिकार

Devdutt Pattnaik has a meltdown after his National Youth Festival session could not be streamed due to ‘technical difficulties’

‘Pakistan wants peace with India, but not under Modi govt’: Pakistan to unveil its first-ever National Security Policy

Devdutt Pattnaik event goes missing and unavailable after netizens outrage over govt invitation to him for Youth Festival

Devdutt Pattnaik invited by Govt to speak at Youth Festival, Netizens share screenshots of his vile, abusive tweets

“Rayta” vs “Trad”: The power of disunity and how liberals bent to forces beyond their control

यूपी में नेपाल बॉर्डर पर 3 साल में बढ़ गए 26% मस्जिद मदरसे…. SSB ने किया अलर्ट

Rajasthan: Minor, specially abled girl gang-raped, left bleeding on flyover in Alwar

Actor Siddharth ‘writes a letter’ to Saina Nehwal for ‘subtle cock’ joke, calls himself ‘staunch feminist’

“You will be chief of 72 hoors your husband gets”: Maulana to woman on what ‘reward’ she will get in jannat

DMK fascism: Man booked for complaining about dead lizard in Pongal gift kit, upset son dies by self-immolation

गालीबाज लेखक देवदत्त पटनायक का “सरकारी कार्यक्रम” “तकनीकी समस्या” से हुआ बाधित

No immediate plan for Uniform Civil Code, Centre tells Delhi HC

70% of all forcible conversion victims are underage girls: Pakistan

Head priest alleges corruption by govt. officials at birth place of Sri Hanuman in K’taka

Yavatmal: youth shoots govt. doctor dead, accused’s identity shielded by Marathi media

जॉब छूटी, मेरा पीछा किया.. निर्दोष होने के बाद भी ‘सुल्ली डील्स’ में घसीटा नाम: Secular Doge वाले रितेश झा से बातचीत

A case for re-writing Bharat’s history

Hindu organisations oppose move to shift HRCE run school’s girl students to Muslim school

साइना नेहवाल पर अभद्र टिप्पणी पर “एक्टर” सिद्धार्थ ने माँगी “माफी”, परन्तु क्या यही पर्याप्त है?

Missionaries of Charity received funds through a Panama-based firm named in Pandora Papers leaks?

YouTuber Manpreet Singh aka ‘Happy Goldsmith’ shows PM’s assassination in gaming video

How is Devdutt Pattanaik a youth icon? We fail to understand!

Shikharji: The holiest shrine in Jainism, turned into a picnic spot

देवर्षि नारद जी के मंदिर पर कब्जा कर बना दी मजार… जिहादियों की कुदृष्टि का शिकार हुआ महाराष्ट्र में देवर्षि का एकमात्र मंदिर

Khalistani gamer breaks down, asks for an apology for his hateful gameplay

Siddharth and Bulli: Smriti Irani is back as the fierce warrior of 2014 that we fondly remember

Ayodhya and Around: Be ready to witness a BJP clean sweep

Son of old man who exposed lizard in DMK govt’s Pongal package self-immolates and dies

‘तकनीकी समस्या’ से गालीबाज देवदत्त पटनायक का ‘सरकारी कार्यक्रम’ नहीं होगा प्रसारित: जानिए पूरा विवाद

Tamil Nadu: Villagers of Panmangalam protest against construction of Church

Sita in Ravana’s mind: Exquisite statue recovered by TN Idol Wing

Marriage Age Bill: New Marriage Age for Women is Salutary Move, says Woman Islamic Scholar

On the western front, there is an increase in the concentration of terrorists: Army chief Gen Naravane

Ahammad Ali threatens to kill Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma for his speech in Telangana; BJYM lodged FIR

Hairstylist Habib appears before NCW, apologizes for spitting on a woman’s head

UP: One Arrested In Muzaffarnagar For Raping Woman And Forcing Her To Convert Religion; Seven Others Booked

Devdutt Pattanaik’s Session At National Youth Festival Couldn’t Be Broadcast Due To “Unforeseen Technical Issues”: MIB

Swami Vivekananda : आज ही के दिन हुआ था स्वामी विवेकानंद का जन्म….शिकागो की धर्म संसद में दिया था दुनिया को मुरीद करने वाला ऐतिहासिक भाषण

लखनऊ: काकोरी के इमाम अली होटल में थूक लगाकर रोटियां सेंक रहा था दानिश, मालिक याकूब समेत 6 के खिलाफ केस दर्ज

12 जनवरी: जन्मजयंती राज माता जीजाबाई … भारतवर्ष की वो महान नारीशक्ति जिनके संस्कारों के कारण ही शिवाजी बन सके हिंदवा सूर्य छत्रपति शिवाजी

National Youth Day: स्वामी विवेकानंद की जयंती पर मनाया जाता है ये दिन, जानें वजह और इतिहास

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