14th January 2022

Daily anti-Hindu news updates for 14th January 2022

Jharkhand: Bangladeshi woman arrested for Naxal connections, PLFI extremists found using expensive cars

Hindu Council AUS comes down heavy on BDS after sinister & hate-filled campaign against Aussie Jews.

Hindu Council stands with Australian Jews against discriminatory and hate filled campaign of BDS

Gandhi’s last protest: How he blackmailed India into giving 55 cr to Pakistan, dragged Hindu, Sikh refugees seeking shelter in mosques to die in cold

‘2000 new mosques, Rs 1000 cr for Babri Masjid construction, 30% Muslim reservations’: SP leader denies party making such promises. Read details

Australian Hindu Council slams Islamic terror outfit HAMAS backed BDS’ anti-Jew boycott at Sydney Festival: Read details

Jawed Habib’s company CEO defends spitting on woman’s hair, says it was meant to make people laugh during seminar

UP: History sheeters and gangsters Nahid Hasan, Rafiq Ansari get Samajwadi Party ticket, BJP calls it ‘Jinnawad’

‘If India declares itself a Hindu Rashtra 15 nations will follow suit’: What Swami Nischalananda Saraswati, the Puri Shankaracharya said

Myanmar military carrying out operation against anti-India terrorists inside their territory: Reports

Malayalam director Ali Akbar converts to Hinduism and becomes ‘Ramasimhan’, had quit Islam a month ago: Read details

Pakistan picks up tweet by Rahul Gandhi where he casts aspersions on India’s handling of COVID based on a ‘The Wire’ interview

Protests grow against Congress’ apathy towards Alwar rape incident as Priyanka Gandhi Vadra holidays in Ranthambore for her birthday

‘Anti-woman, anti-OBC’: Read why Mahila Congress leader called Priyanka Gandhi’s ‘Ladki hoon, Lad Sakti hoon’ UP campaign a sham

‘He has a right to voice opinions’: Ex-Muslim Aneesh gets bail, was arrested in Tamil Nadu for ‘insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad’

सरकारी छुट्टियों में हिन्दुओं के केवल दो त्योहारों पर अनिवार्य छुट्टी और मुस्लिमों के चार त्योहारों पर छुट्टी: लोगों में फूटा गुस्सा

Anti-UCC ‘liberal’ Muslim women: Gauahar Khan calls it ‘inciting hate’, Safoora Zargar resorts to Sati and cow urine jibes

कैसे थे गांधी के राम? महर्षि वाल्मीकि या गोस्वामी तुलसीदास के देहधारी अवतारपुरुष या फिर अपनी कल्पना के राम?

Malayalam film director Ali Akbar is now Ramasimhan, returns to Hinduism

Kabir Khan goes a little soft in the head after the 83 box office disaster

Wasim Mulla applied for a loan. Bank Rejected. Wasim Mulla burned the bank. Bad Wasim Mulla

Stalin turns Aurangzeb as he goes on a temple breaking spree even as TN celebrates Pongal

Suspects did a detailed recce of Ghazipur flower market before planting the improvised explosive device

NSG defuses IED recovered from Delhi’s Ghazipur, collects samples to find chemical component

Husband accuses wife of getting 8-year-old son circumcised and converting him to Islam

NDTV Editor Ravish Kumar insults Swastika, calls it ‘Nazi Swastika’

बांग्लादेश की फातिमा दिल्ली में बन गई अंजलि और जुड़ गई नक्सली संगठन PLFI से… ऐसे ही घुसपैठियों को खदेड़ने के लिए जरूरी है NRC

London Returns 10th Century ‘Yogini’ Sculpture To India That Went Missing From UP In 1980s

CPM leader praises China, says ‘India’s anti-China policy is aimed at destabilising Communist movement’

केंद्र की छुट्टियों में मुस्लिमों के 4, हिन्दुओं के 2 त्योहार: दशहरा, दिवाली वैकल्पिक अवकाश की श्रेणी में

भारत करे पहल दुनिया के 15 देश हिन्दुराष्ट्र बनने के लिए तैयार.. स्वामी निश्चलानंद का आह्वाहन

Pongal: Jallikattu begins at Avaniyapuram village in Madurai

Exposing Missionaries’ Agenda: Why Am I Against Christianity?

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