22nd February 2022

Daily anti-Hindu news updates for 22nd February 2022

Australian state recommends ban on ‘Nazi Swastika’ display with exception for sacred Hindu Swastika

Minor ‘Love Jihad’ Victim Attempts Suicide, Father Asks If He Should Give His Daughter To A Man With Two Children

A Shrinking Political Space For Hindu Americans, Caught Between The Devil And The Deep Sea

Freedom For Fraud ‘Journalist’: WaPo Darkens Darkness That Kills Democracy

Right To Wear Hijab Does Not Fall Under Article 25 Of Constitution: Karnataka Govt In High Court

Karnataka: Four Arrested, Dozen Detained In Connection With Murder Of Bajrang Dal Activist Harsha In Shivamogga

India Cracks Down On Apps, Website And Social Media Accounts Linked To Banned Khalistani Outfit SFJ

Bajrang Dal Activist’s Murder: Two More Detained In Karnataka’s Shivamogga

MHA to probe Ilker Ayci as allegations of Al-Qaeda connections had emerged after he was named new Air India chief

Bajrang Dal activist Harsha murder case: Six accused including Qasif, Syed Nadeem, Rihan arrested, all six have criminal records

Kerala Christian school apologises and succumbs to pressure, allows Hijabi girls to supersede uniform rule: Here is what happened

Two years on, the atmosphere has changed but people of Delhi anti-Hindu riots victim Vinod Kumar’s locality still live in constant fear

‘Hindus should leave, this place will become Pakistan’: Rajkot lawyer Sohil Hussain Mor threatens neighbours with knife on Shivaji jayanti

Karnataka govt must ban SDPI and KFD: BJP MP Pratap Simha furious over the repeated killing of party Karyakartas

Video of namaz offered in Mysore Palace in Karnataka, which is famous for Dussehra celebrations, goes viral

MoS for PMO shares a throwback video on PoK hours after Russia recognised two newly independent nations from Ukraine: Watch

Delhi HC sends notices to Central, Delhi govt over BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay’s PIL seeking to bring Madrasas, Vedic Pathshalas under ambit of RTE

Badaun: Samajwadi Party supporter Khalid Siddiqui shoots dead a man who predicted BJP’s victory

Karnataka HC refuses to allow Muslims in Udupi’s Bhandarkar College to wear hijab in class while case hearing continues

Central govt clamps down on pro-Khalistan channel on various mediums, was having links with Sikh For Justice terror group

Meet the ‘experts’ behind the UNHRC statement supporting donation fraud accused WaPo columnist and accusing India of ‘harassing’ her

Uttar Pradesh: BJP Yuva Morcha leader killed in Hathras, police recovers pistol from crime scene

‘RSS organising Hindu society to make country strong’: Karnataka Assembly Speaker lashes out at the opposition for raising anti-RSS slogans

Two years since Delhi anti-Hindu riots: The family of Naresh Saini, who was killed by a Muslim mob, still struggling to survive

Are Hindus wasting time on the Hijab row? Here is a better use of our time

NHRC seeks action taken report from Jharkhand police Rupesh Pandey murder case, he was lynched by Islamist mob on Saraswati Puja

Meet the ‘experts’ behind the UNHRC statement supporting donation fraud accused WaPo columnist and accusing India of ‘harassing’ her

जिस नरेश सैनी को दंगाइयों ने मारी गोली, सब्जी बेच उनकी विधवा कर रही गुजारा; याद कर रो पड़ती है ब्रह्मपुरी: दिल्ली दंगों के दो साल

‘हिन्दुओं के लिए आवाज़ उठाने के कारण मारे गए हर्षा, ये हत्या से भी भयानक’: बोले कर्नाटक के CM – साजिश की जड़ तक पहुँचेंगे

‘गुजरात को शाहीन बाग बनाने की साजिश’: स्कूल में हिजाब पहन पहुंचीं मुस्लिम छात्राएँ, विरोध पर 15 VHP कार्यकर्ता हिरासत में

आदिवासी समुदाय के हिन्दुओं को धर्मांतरण के लिए फुसला रहे थे ईसाई मिशनरी, MP पुलिस ने 4 को दबोचा

‘हिन्दू छात्र कमंडल और लाठी लेकर स्कूल जाने की माँग करें तो?’: कर्नाटक हाईकोर्ट में नई याचिका, बुर्का मामले पर 8वें दिन सुनवाई

कासिफ, आसिफ, नदीम, रियाज, अफान और मुजाहिद… वो 6 नाम जिन्होंने हर्षा को उतारा मौत के घाट

खालिस्तानी संगठन ‘सिख फॉर जस्टिस’ पर मोदी सरकार की ‘डिजिटल स्ट्राइक’: बैन हुए एप्स, वेबसाइट और सोशल मीडिया हैंडल्स

‘हस्ताक्षर नहीं मैच हो रहे थे, चेहरा भी छिपा रखा था’: सामने आया बैंक में हिजाबी महिला के हंगामे का सच, अब्बू-भाई को भी बुलाया था

‘तुम सब चले जाओ, ये जगह पाकिस्तान बनेगी’ : गुजरात के वकील सोहिल हुसैन ने हिंदू पड़ोसियों को चाकू लेकर धमकाया, तोड़ता है भगवान गणेश की मूर्ति

माहौल बदला पर आज भी ‘डर’ में जीता है विनोद कुमार का मोहल्ला, मुस्लिम भीड़ ने कर दी थी हत्या: दिल्ली दंगों के 2 साल

बुर्का पहन कर हिजाब बैन का कर रहे थे विरोध, पुलिस ने उठवाया नकाब तो 40% निकले मर्द – Fact Check

हर्षा को मारने वाले काशिफ और नदीम गिरफ्तार: BJP नेता ने कहा- वही हाल हो जो हैदराबाद में रेप आरोपितों के साथ हुआ था

“Miscreants” pelt stones at Harsha’s funeral procession, 3 injured

Terror funding case: ‘human rights activist’ Khurram Parvez, others remanded to NIA custody

West Bengal: Return of Tribeni Kumbh Mela after 700 years; was discontinued after Islamic invasion of Bengal

‘The Kashmir Files’ trailer presents harrowing tale of dark chapter from history

Kanpur RSS worker attacked with iron rods by Islamist mob over Hijab row

AP villagers write to President Kovind opposing govt. takeover of ancient Surya temple

ED now grills Dawood’s nephew Alishah Parkar in PMLA case

Hindu lady doctor harassed and threatened to convert by Muslim landlord in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi cop also complicit

The Nehruvian nightmare: Why Nehru acted like a bloated Brown Sahib who distrusted Hindus and Hindu Dharma

Mukul Adhikari (18) stabbed to death by out-on-bail Irshad in Delhi

भारत के इतिहास की भव्यता और सत्यता को जानबूझकर नीचा दिखाने का कार्य किया गया? मेगस्थनीज की इंडिका के बहाने कुछ प्रश्न

धोखेबाज़ राना अयूब के साथ आया यूएन जेनेवा, भारत के आम नागरिक आए संयुक्त राष्ट्र के विरोध में, भारत ने कहा “कोई भी कानून से ऊपर नहीं!”

While DMK ally says janeu will be banned in TN, Muslim party calls for ‘janeu cutting’ protest

What should be “above all”?

Dhume gets schooled on Bharat’s ancient democratic legacy

Its time for the Modi govt to go secular. But wait, we are talking about a different secularism

The UN Geneva attack on India regarding “harassment of Rana Ayyub” isn’t going to end well for them

Twitter is openly challenging government’s rules regarding fake news, but Ashwini Vaishnaw seems hardly concerned

Vivek Aghnihotri’s ‘The Kashmir files’ is a hit even before it is released

BJP leader Uma Anandan shatters fake news peddled by DMK & TN media by winning huge

Andhra: Villagers write to President of India opposing AP govt’s takeover of ancient Surya temple

Muslims reportedly offer namaz inside Mysore Palace as K’taka simmers after Harsha’s murder

Lavanya Suicide Case: CBI Begins Probe, Officers Visit School And Hostel

Spoof version of ‘Arabic Kutthu’ punches hard on DMK and its ‘Dravidian Model’ of social justice

Video purported to be from Bangladesh shows school-children chanting for ‘direct action’ against Hindus

Hijab Row: Liberals Hide Behind Hijab

UNSC: India asks all sides to exercise restraint amid escalating tension along Ukraine-Russia border

Vishva Hindu Parishad Demands Death Penalty for the Killers of Harsha

Woman Abuses Bank Officer When Asked to Remove Hijab for Identification in Bihar Bank

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting orders blocking of Apps, website and social media accounts linked to banned organization Sikhs For Justice

BJP’s Sunil Deodhar questions silence on the murder of Bajrang Dal activist in Shivamogga

Have No Regrets for Killing People in Ahmedabad…I’m guided by Quran and Only Believe in Its Judgment, Says SIMI Terrorist Safdar Nagori

Harsha Murder Case: Enough is Enough, Says Vishva Hindu Parishad

On Rana Ayyub row, India slams UN rapporteurs; says, “no one is above law”

Students should abide by school uniform, No going back on CAA: Union Minister Amit Shah

Dharwad, Karnataka: आदिवासी महिला लक्ष्मी कलिमनी (Laxmi Kallimani) से बलात्कार और हत्या के आरोप में मोहम्मद अली (Mohammed Ali) को गिरफ्तार किया गया।

Mumbai crime: Maldivian national arrested in opium smuggling case

Two Bangladeshi nationals held for temple theft in Navi Mumbai

छेड़छाड़ की शिकायत पर जेल जाने के कारण मोहम्मद जैद ने पुजारी की लड़की से किया दुष्कर्म, कहा बदला लिया है

इंदौर में किशोरी को बहला फुसलाकर किया विवाह, आरोपित पर लव जिहाद सहित 12 धाराओं में केस दर्ज

Government blocks apps, website, social media accounts of Sikhs For Justice

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