26th February 2022

Daily anti-Hindu news updates for 26th February 2022

On the second anniversary of the Delhi anti-Hindu Riots, here is how this time, the violence was not merely a Hindu-Muslim strife

Rajasthan: BJYM worker Vicky Arya brutally murdered with iron rods and pipes in Kota, two accused Nikhil and Raj detained

Is Ukraine using Indian students as ‘leverage’ against India? What the Ambassador said at UNSC, asking India to reconsider its decision on UNSC voting

J Sai Deepak explains what exactly transpired in St. Stephen’s episode after Gender Studies Cell posted abusive statement against him

Jharkhand: Dalit girl raped and thrown into a well, accused Mussafar Ansari arrested while two others absconding

Ujjain: Molestation accused Mohammad Zaid rapes the daughter of a priest in revenge after being released from jail

Justice SS Shinde recuses from Bhima Koregaon cases, LRO had appealed to CJI quoting Shinde’s praise for terror accused Stan Swamy

Delhi HC issues notice in plea filed by mother alleging indoctrination, forced conversion of her minor child by Christian missionary NGOs: Details

Andhra Pradesh: Head constable Shaik Athavullah arrested in police station attack, orchestrated by SDPI, after Hindus objected to construction of illegal mosque

St. Stephen’s College’s Gender studies Cell releases abusive statement, opposes invite to SC lawyer J Sai Deepak by leadership cell

‘गैर मर्द से हाथ मिलाना इस्लाम में गुनाह, बाप ने नहीं सिखाया?’: बुर्के वाली मुस्कान पर बरसे मौलाना, कहा – सिर्फ अपनी बहन ही बहन

‘बंगाल और तमिलनाडु बनेगा अगला कश्मीर… आंध्र-पंजाब तक फैलेगा जहर’ – गुपकार अलायंस की ने दी धमकी

तजिंदर बग्गा ने दिया देश को पहला झटका बिरयानी ब्रांड: 6 माह में दिल्ली में खुलेंगी ‘Kulhad Biryani’ की कई दुकान

CRPF जवान की पत्नी को कार मैकेनिक मुख्तार ने फाँसा, गला दबा कर दी हत्या: शव नाली में फेंका, कमरे से बियर केन और ग्लास बरामद

राजस्थान के कोटा में घर से 200 मीटर की दूरी पर BJP नेता की हत्या: 2 बेटियों का कौन रखेगा ख्याल, चिंता में दोस्त-परिवार

नाबालिग बेटी का पहले किया जबरन धर्मांतरण, फिर 5 माह तक शोषण: ईसाई मिशनरी के खिलाफ एक माँ का आरोप, HC ने जारी किया नोटिस

‘हिजाब’ का असर पहुँचा DU के सेंट स्टीफन तक: SC वकील जे साई दीपक को ‘इस्लामोफोबिक’ बताकर जेंडर सेल ने किया विरोध

आनंदीबाई गोपालराव जोशी की पुण्यतिथि के बहाने श्रीमती यशोदा देवी को स्मरण करने का दिन, जिन्हें इस पूरी व्यवस्था ने औपनिवेशिक सोच के चलते भुला दिया

“Should temples continue to be under government control?”, Judge questions observing the utter neglect of temples

For Hindu Americans, no political place safe

Supreme Court’s recurrent pseudo-secular double standards – says NO to central forces for WB municipal polls despite widespread violence

Uma Anandan storms Dravidian fortress heralding Hindu nationalist politics in Tamil Nadu

Say no to conversion

Lessons from Air India “Ilker Ayci” debacle, always do a background check of your employees

Singapore begs India to restore its banned app, India looks the other way

DMK’s ‘atheism’ goes for a toss as TN Govt brands Sivarathri festival to be held at Mylapore Kapali Temple

Minor girl allegedly forced to convert religion at child care, Christian missionary NGO files sexual abuse case against mother

Pakistani drone dropped ammunition, IEDs in J-K; first time chemical in the liquid form sent with consignment: DGP Dilbag Singh

Madras High Court bats for freeing temples from Govt. control

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