6th March 2022

Daily anti-Hindu news updates for 6th March 2022

Hitler’s Aryan Man, including Jesus, was from Nordic race, and had no Vedic connections

Daily anti-Hindu news updates for 6th March 2022Newly elected Chennai mayor meets Bishop Ezra Sargunam who had said “Punch Hindus in their face and make them bleed”

India evacuates 298 students from Pisochyn in Ukraine after Sewa International of RSS informs MEA about them, were harassed by local agents demanding hefty amounts

Journalist Rubika Liyaquat gets attacked by Islamists for wearing saree, bindi, bring in ‘hijab is a choice’ rhetoric

DMK continues politicising Operation Ganga, claims North Indian students in Ukraine are favoured by embassy staff by speaking in Hindi

‘बाजारू औरत, मुजरा, कोठा, दलाल, सट्टा’ … रुबिका लियाकत को साड़ी-बिंदी-गजरे में देख ऐसे बिदके इस्लामी, हिजाब के लिए भी निकाली खुन्नस

‘कोई हमार झ*%ट न उखाड़ पाई’ : भाजपा नेताओं को माँ-बहन की गाली देने वाला सपाई पहुँचा जेल, वायरल वीडियो के बाद UP पुलिस की कार्रवाई

‘बुर्के में तुम्हारा सिर कितना HOT दिख रहा है’: महिला के कामोत्तेजक अंगों को मर्द की नजरों से बचाने वाले तर्कों पर ट्विंकल खन्ना का कटाक्ष

Grooming jihad in TN- 17 year old Hindu girl made to consume rat poison after being raped

एक ओर चल रहा है हिन्दू मंदिरों को सरकारी बेड़ियों से छुड़वाने का प्रयास, वहीं एक ओर रचा जा रहा है मंदिरों को खत्म करने का षड्यंत्र?

पश्चिम/अमेरिका में हिन्दुफोबिया: वर्ष 1907, जब हिन्दुओं के खिलाफ भड़के थे नस्लीय दंगे!

‘The Conversion’: How a new film on ‘love jihad’ touches raw nerves and shakes one’s conscience

Hindus under attack: weekly roundup of hate crimes, persecution, and discrimination against Hindus

Prime suspect in Bhagalpur blast, Mohammad Azad, still on the run

Muslim Rashtriya Manch to launch campaign to raise minimum age of marriage of Muslim women

Bangladesh national, four other Islamic terrorists arrested in Assam for their links with terror group affiliated to Al-Qaeda

“Will settle the account once in power in UP”: Son of jailed gangster & grand nephew of former VP Hamid Ansari

Minor girl near Madurai allegedly abducted and sexually abused by one Nagore Hanifa dies

Newly elected Chennai Mayor meets abusive Bishop who had instigated violence against Hindus

“Hinduism: Religion or Abomination” – A Rajasthan teacher is handing out this book to kids and threatening naysayers with SC/ST case

As per ‘The Hindu’, it was TN government that evacuated students from Ukraine and not the GoI

Intellectuals had you believe that Sanskrit was a language of the elites. They were wrong

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