9th April 2022

Daily anti-Hindu news updates for 9th April 2022

Karnataka: Hindu outfit campaigns to not hire Muslim cab drivers when visiting temples, says ‘they have impure food choices’

Karnataka loudspeaker row: Home Minister issues notice to religious institutions including mosques, warns of action if ‘noise not reduced to permissible limit’

गीता फाड़ने से लेकर ‘Pak के लिए सब कुछ कुर्बान’ करने तक, AMU में हिन्दू घृणा पुरानी: अंग्रेजों के आशीर्वाद से स्थापना, जिन्ना की फोटो

Hindus under attack: a weekly roundup of hate crimes, persecution, and discrimination against Hindus

The tradition of Navreh & Navratri in Kashmir

Early Tamilians trace their ancestry to Lord Sri Rama

Comments by Muslim scholars add fuel to the fire, must stop divisionary statements for larger good

In the age of Sacred Games and Patal Lok, Gullak is like a breath of fresh air

Ilhan Omar delivers diatribe against India’s Prime Minister Modi in House of Representatives


अपने नकाबपोश गुंडों के साथ आगजनी करता रहा कॉन्ग्रेस का पार्षद मतलूब अहमद, खामोश देखती रही पुलिस: छतों पर जमा थे पत्थर

करौली हिंसा में लिब्रल्स और कट्टर इस्लामी तत्वों ने हिन्दुओं को ही दोषी ठहराना आरंभ किया


Gorakhpur temple attack accused Murtaza used a code language full of Arabic words, received e-mails from ISIS

Another attempt to whitewash? One Maulana Ilyasi talks about his 2016 meeting with the Gorakhnath temple attack accused: Here is what he said

Navi Mumbai Police to launch a parallel probe to ascertain Gorakhnath Temple attacker Abbasi’s links with local Maulana, rule out a possible threat

MHA declares Hafiz Talha Saeed, son of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed as a designated terrorist, says ‘actively involved in propagating jihad against India’

‘Our Nation threatened with Jihadi Civil war’, Sufi Islamic Board reacts after getting threat letter from PFI stating that it ‘should be treated as Kafirs’

‘काला जादू से ग्रसित है अहमद मुर्तजा अब्बासी’: बोला गोरखनाथ मंदिर के हमलावर को पढ़ाने वाला मौलवी, बना रहा था जिहादी एप

Bangladesh: Muslims falsely accuse teacher of criticizing Islam, neighbors hurl abuse at his family


Amidst Navratri, Hindu temple vandalised with idols of deities shattered into pieces in Jammu, was attacked two times in recent past

जम्मू के लक्ष्मी नारायण मंदिर पर हमला, देवी-देवताओं की कई मूर्तियाँ तोड़ कर फेंकी: पहले भी हो चुकी है चोरी और तोड़फोड़

Another Hindu priest killed in Bihar, 13 murtis worth crores stolen from temple


After Karauli, Hindus come under attack in Karnataka, stones pelted at a Sri Ram Shobha Yatra in Mulbagal

Hindu procession in Karauli, attacked by Islamists, was first in 7 years, now, Hindus are being blamed: What it says about the police

भगवान राम की मूर्ति पर पथराव, कई वाहनों को आग के हवाले किया: कर्नाटक के कोलार में करौली जैसी हिंसा


Himachal Pradesh: Newspaper hawker Asif Mohammad arrested after he slit throat of minor girl, police urge people not to give it ‘communal’ colour

Hinduphobic Instagram Audio case: Naya Shahar Police arrests accused Nadeem, Sabnam absconding

‘हिन्दुओं को AK-47 से मारूँगा, उनकी माँ-बहनों का बलात्कार करूँगा’: नदीम को लेने पहुँची असम पुलिस, राजस्थान पुलिस ने किया गिरफ्तार

घर में घुस कर नौकरानी से बलात्कार, हत्या की धमकी: रिटायर्ड DSP आफताब आलम को यूपी पुलिस ने दबोचा, भेजा गया जेल


Gujarat High Court refuses anticipatory bail to Mahmood, who converted 37 families and 100 Hindus to Islam: All you need to know

‘Started talking about living with Jamaatis’: UP Maulvi and his aide arrested for attempting to convert a Hindu man into Islam

Uttar Pradesh police books Dr Farooqui Kamal for converting his employee to Islam, had forced the latter to recite the verses of the Quran 

‘लालच देकर 100 हिन्दुओं का इस्लामी धर्मांतरण’: गुजरात HC ने अब्दुल वहाब की अग्रिम जमानत याचिका खारिज की

डॉक्टर ने हिंदू कर्मचारी को जबरन बनाया मुस्लिम, लालच दे मौलवी ने कराया धर्मांतरण: डॉक्टर के खिलाफ FIR, मौलवी सहित 2 गिरफ्तार


Calling Out TNM’s Explainer On Halal: Reeks Of Hypocrisy, Conveniently Neglects Dangers Posed By Halal


Jammu and Kashmir police arrest 13 Islamists for raising anti-India and Azadi slogans at Jamia mosque, Pakistan’s role suspected

रमजान, जुमे की नमाज, जामिया मस्जिद से देश विरोधी नारे… पुलिस ने धर दबोचा बशारत नबी भट को, पाकिस्तान का भी है कनेक्शन

‘Got instructions from Pakistan’: Jammu and Kashmir police arrest mastermind of pro-terror slogans at Jamia Masjid in Srinagar

J&K police initiate action against Islamists who raised Azadi slogans, hailed terrorist Zakir Musa at Jamia Masjid in Srinagar

‘अल्लाह-हू-अकबर, नारा-ए-तकबीर’ : पाकिस्तानी आकाओं के कहने पर श्रीनगर के मस्जिद में लगे ‘आजादी’ के नारे, 13 गिरफ्तार

कश्मीर में मस्जिद में भारत विरोधी नारे तो जम्मू में हिन्दू मंदिर पर हमला और लिब्रल्स कश्मीर फाइल्स के तथ्यों को नकार रहे हैं!

Cricketer Amit Mishra shares video of pro-terror sloganeering at Srinagar mosque, condemns those who laughed and called The Kashmir Files a ‘lie’

‘Raliv Galiv ya Chaliv’ is still a reality in Kashmiri Masjids


From inciting Dalits to take up violence to questioning the existence of Lord Ram: 5 things Rahul Gandhi spoke at book launch event

Rahul Gandhi talks at a book event, ends up inciting Dalits to indulge in violence: Here’s what he said

Crowdfunding fraud accused Rana Ayyub downplays embezzled fund value as ‘small amount’, agrees to ‘ignorant’ host


Karnataka: Pastor arrested for trying to convert Hindu family on the pretext of curing disease

Fake nursing college run by a Christian organization dooms the future of over 300 students in Tamil Nadu


The Oscar Farce: India needs to get over colonial hangover

The economic and political consequences of India being a ‘Kutumb’ for refugees

The last vestige of Nehruism will now be reduced to rubble

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