Equality Labs

Equality labs was founded by Thenmozhi Soundarajan, Maari-Zwick Maitreyi whose real name is Valli Karunakaran and Aruna Sanghapali. Thenmozhi Soundarajan is the current Executive Director and a Christian. Aruna Sanghapali is an alumni of JNU. She was active during Rohith Vemula issue at University of Hyderabad. Aruna created controversy when she handed Twitter chief, Jack Dorsey, a placard saying “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy” and “End caste Apartheid”.

According to their website Equality Labs is “is an Ambedkarite South-Asian progressive power-building organisation”. It’s members include Dalits, Bhaujans, Adivasis, Muslim, Buddhists, Sikh and Christian South-Asians. Glaringly missing are Hindus, Jains and the real minority Parsis. According to Equality Labs they use community research, cultural and political organising, popular education and digital security to fight the oppressions of caste apartheid, Islamophobia, white supremacy, and religious intolerance.

Equality Labs Political Director is Sharmin Hossain, a Bangaldeshi-American who has utter contempt for Hindus and India. Equality Labs is one of the propaganda outlet used by Hindu haters and breaking India forces. Their Uppercaste and Brahmin hate has put many Indians in the US at risk. They actively protested against India’s Citizenship Amendment Act, called Delhi riots ‘anti-muslim pogrom’, and support ‘free Kashmir’ movement. In 2020, Equality Labs made a twisted version of Holi being casteist, connected it to Upper caste and Brahmin supremacy and the rise of BJP and Hindu Fascism. Equality Labs is using Hindu festivals to spread Hindu hatred among unsuspecting people in the West.

Equality Labs is funded by Pierre Omidyar, the billionaire founder of online auction site Ebay. He invested $50million in New Media Venture which in turn funds Equality Labs.

In 2017, Equality Labs received a grant of US $50,000 from Luminate. Until 2017, Luminate was Governance and Citizen Initiative at Omidyar Ntework. they were founded by The Omidyar Group. In 2018 they became Luminate a ‘global philanthropic organisation’.