Hindus for Human Rights

Hindus for Human Rights (HfHR) is a “Hindu” organisation, using the exact same words as advocates for the religion of peace and the religion of love.

So what does one expect of a “Hindu” group ? Would one expect to see some support for any Hindu cause? Looking through their website, the toxicity is seen to pour right from the introduction where Hindu deities are introduced. Lord Ram is described as the perfect ruler, but with an apologetic “less than ideal husband”. Just the right tone to introduce a bit of doubt into a curious peruser of Hinduism. And then they talk about two deities in South India, and add an off-colour note that the offerings include liquor and animal sacrifices. Again a great opportunity to get the curious peruser to wrinkle their nose with disgust, if they are inclined to digest the news without any further context. They do not even spare Lord Krishna. They very quickly bring in the much maligned five-letter word “caste”, and take great troubles to mention that Lord Krishna was raised as a lower caste. They also play the race card and skin colour card, by mentioning that a particular “Dravidian” deity has a “dark” appearance. No card left unturned !!

They practice a commonly used technique of leftists and the genuine fascists. Mixing truth with propaganda and straight out untruths starts right with their mission statement. It uses the well-accepted Hindu principle of peace, justice and humanity, but then partners with organisations that are indifferent, at best or notoriously anti-Hindu and anti-India, and that support poisoning of the average American’s perspective about Hindu majority in India.

Perhaps, what should ring alarm bells is that they are a member of the Coalition Against Fascism in India (CAFI). Anifa as a terrorist organisation, given their militant ideology. It is not their opposition that one worries about, but the “militant” nature of this opposition (Figure 1), which often involves rioting, burning down cars and buildings and violence. HfHR standing for Human Rights, never ever raises a word for Hindu rights, making one wonder if they have decided that Hindus are not human.

So who makes up the HfHR? It has a bunch of people with strongly militant-activist leanings, Hindu names and Christian faith. Sunita Viswanath, the HfHR, co-founder first co-funded the Women for Afghan Women organisation, standing up obviously for the rights of Afghan women who would be exclusively muslim, given that Afghanistan is 99.8 % Islamic. After that she co-funded Sadhana, another “progressive Hindu” organisation, which has now slowly acquired a habit of guilt-tripping gullible Hindus, into thinking that every festival or act of theirs is environmentally unfriendly.

Sunita is also known to be a member of FOIL (Forum of Inquilabi Leftists). She also co-founded Sadhana and CAFI both anti-Hindu groups. She has endorsed SAHI‘s Holi against Hindutva campaign applauding their “creative approach and…the youthful energy”. This “progressive Hindu” group have not raised their voice against Hindus facing genocide in Pakistan and Bangladesh, Kashmiri Hindus who have faced genocide in the 90’s at the hands of Pakistan backed Islamic terror organisations, Rohingya Hindus who were massacred by Rohingya muslims.

There is an urgent need for the United States and the rest of the world to keep up the pressure on India to take meaningful steps to ease the suffering of the Kashmiri people.

Sunitha Viswanath, 31st January 2020

To top it off, HfHR along with Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) co-sponsored a Congressional briefing that warned the attendees ““preparation for a genocide is definitely underway in India”. On the contrary, Sunita Viswanath endorsed and applauded US Congresswomen Pramila Jaypal’s anti-India resolution on Kashmir. She also supported anti-Kashmir dodgy organisation called Stand With Kashmir (SWK). SWK has time and again denied and whitewashes Kashmiri Hindu genocide by Islamists in Kashmir. One of the supporters of SWK was Ghulam Nabi Fai, Pakistani lobbyist who was arrested by FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

Raju Rajagopal, another Board member is a retired corporate, who now spreads hatred towards Hindu practices in the guise of embracing Christian and Islamic values. It is really sad to see intellectuals who tear down the very Indian structure that nourished them and provided them the education for well-paying jobs abroad. He is the founder of EKTA and Coalition against Communalism. He actively opposed Hindu perspective in 2006 California textbook controversy. He defended anti-Hindu views in American school textbooks saying

“…exposing our children to India’s vibrant pluralistic and ‘argumentative’ traditions, and encouraging classroom discussions on the legacies of racism, caste and gender bias, will serve them better as future citizens, whether of the US or of India.”

Raju Rajagopal, California History book controversy

Sunita Viswanath, Raju Rajagopal and HFHR often peddle that Kashmiri Hindu voices are not genuine and labeled them as ‘stooges’ of a ‘brutal India and Hindutva forces.’

HfHR really is a political organisation with financial support from Christian evangelists and forming political liaisons with Islamist organisations to destabilise India. The motive appears to be to conquer the last bastion in Asia that has remained mostly unconquerable over centuries. A predominantly Hindu nation that was tolerant and accepting of all religions is portrayed as a regressive nation by using words such as “progressive Hindu members from this organisation” that are fighting against the most fashionable fight these days- Islamophobia.

What are the “human rights” that this organisation is currently fighting for? “Shaheen Bagh” has been the epicentre of muslim-instigated violence, and not a non-violent civil disobedience movement. Kashmir, once the land of Hindus, and which is now the breeding ground for jihadis and Islamic terrorists. Flood relief for Kerala, whose communist-chief minister is now embroiled in the more than INR1000 crore (USD1.35 billion) – the state where Hindus are oppressed, their religious identity questioned and Christians and Muslims have a free run. Yet, there is no protest for the Hindus who are killed in Pakistan, Bangladesh or even in India. The only time they help poor Hindus it is with a motive towards conversion to Christianity. They have even welcomed USCIRF’s report 2020 on India designating it as Country of Particular Concern. Raju Rajagopal has gone a step further and has called for ‘sanctions’ against India

Volunteers include Aminah Ahmed and Brandon Juhl. Aminah Ahmed is also an activist associated with Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), Brandon Juhl is married to a Muslim. HfHR counts non-Hindus fighting for the rights of Hindus.