Biju Mathew

Biju Mathew is founder of FOIL an Associate Professor of Business Administration at Rider University, New Jersey, United States, organiser of New York Taxi Workers Alliance, founder-member of Youth Solidarity Summer (YSS), India Civil Watch International (New York) , Lamakaan, Hyderabad, a left-liberal public education and cultural space and Hyderabad Urban Labs , a research and advocacy center. He was one of the few who launched a vicious attack on IDRF (India Development and Relief Fund) and Hindu Students Council (HSC). He is a regular contributor to People’s Democracy, mouthpiece of Communist Party of India (Marxist) -CPI(M). Biju Mathew shares and promotes racist and bigoted anti-Hindu views of Kancha Ilaiah. He was also a Board member of Brecht Forum’s New York Marxist School and his radical perspective supports violent revolutions against State. His website when it was operational promoted UnaBomber’s manifesto. He is also the coordinator for Mining Zone’s People Solidarity Group, a research and advocacy collective that has published the most comprehensive report on the POSCO project to date – Iron and Steal: The POSCO India Story

In 2020, New York Taxi Workers Alliance was given a grant of $200,000 by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation for “to support the Grantee’s fiscally sponsored program, the International Alliance of App-Based Transport Workers, to improve employment protections and bolster the labor rights of workers in the digital economy”.

Biju Mathew along with Raja Harish Swamy and Shabnam Hashmi of Indian National Congress and ANHAD (Act Now for Harmony and Democracy) started a website called the website was taken down after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election victory in 2014. He was also associated with ASAP (Association of South Asian Progressives) which is now defunct and is currently member of Campaign to Stop Funding Hate (CSFH) and Coalition Against Genocide (CAG). He attacked IDRF because of their links to RSS. IDRF has been working for many years in India’s rural and tribal areas. Due to their “report” on the fundings of IDRF, some some big American companies, like CISCO, INTEL and Hewlett Packard, as well as some US-based NRIs, stopped funding IDRF. He has also accused BJP and RSS of committing mass-killings of Dalits and minorities in India.

In an online collective blog of leftist, activists, scholars, and journalist called Kafila, Biju Mathew wrote a guest post STEPPING BACK/STEPPING FORWARD – THINKING PAST THE BJP VICTORY IN UP: BIJU MATHEW on 16th April 2017. In this post he writes

Modi and the BJP are riding a wave that is not entirely of their own making – a wave that will necessarily crest, break and crash in the not too distant future. How soon this wave can be interrupted, and what happens after that, does not depend on them, but on the rest of us.........The Hindutva movement draws on ............ the politics of Hindu nationalism inaugurated a century ago by the RSS with its attendant mythologies, hatreds and bigoted worldview.

Biju Mathew, 16th April 2017

Interestingly, Biju also mentions Panjra Tod as a new front of active and spirited resistance and gender justice fighters. Members of Pinjra Tod have been accused of inciting anti-Hindu Delhi riots in February 2020.It’s the last part of the piece that comes across as disturbing where Biju Mathew has indicated mobilisation from JNU in their anti-India activities. Since 2014 JNU has been in news for many anti-India activities. In the end he clearly mentions what should be their plan of action and seriously believes that they will play a role in India’s future.

There is no need to wait for some political party to do any of this. Rather, it’s necessary for each one of us to build innovative and locally responsive actions. There is much that has already emerged amongst us over the last two years – the hundreds of mobilisations that came out of the unfolding crises of justice – from Una to JNU and the Land Acquisition resistance to HCU. Our task is to consolidate and build. Wait an instant and let the mist of their populist victory clear. The future lies with the rest of us.

Biju Mathew 16th April 2017

In the same blog he goes to mention how to “destroy the populist sheen” enjoyed by the BJP in states especially un Uttar Pradesh. He recommends using a deep network of civil right defense, fighting against patriarchy, and caste oppression, roadblocks in Central & State governments natural resource projects. Biju Mathew’s involvement in Mine Zone’s People Solidarity Group is indicative of his and his groups’ efforts to derail POSCO steel plant project.

 Here our task is to intervene in every way possible with the cresting wave and destroy the populist sheen. One aspect of such intervention is a much deeper network of civil rights defense, especially into the heart of the minority communities in UP where violence will escalate. The other aspect of this work is along three clear axes: workers’ rights, natural resource struggles, fights against patriarchy and caste oppression.
Biju Mathew 16th April 2017

In another blog in the same website ELEMENTS OF BOMB (BLAST) MAKING – UNDERSTANDING DILSUKHNAGAR: BIJU MATHEW, dated 4th March 2013, Biju Mathew argued in favour of terror outfits saying “everything seems to suggest that they could not be anywhere near as organised or coordinated as the government claims.” He also claimed that Hindutva forces are capable if throwing cow legs at Hindu temples to cause rift between Hindus and Muslims “…….till we run into the cow leg problem where Hindutva forces toss cow legs into temples in their own localities. Can such an instrumental organisational base produce a bomb? Especially given the long history of RSS tactics?”