Haley Duschinski

Dr. Haley Duschinski is an Associate Professor of Anthropology, Graduate Director of M.A in Law, Justice and Culture, and Director of the Center for Law, Justice & Culture at Ohio University (CLJC). Her area of specialisation amongst others are South Asia, India and Kashmir. Her research specialisations are violence, war, and power; law and society; human rights, militarisation and impunity; and law and memory in Kashmir. Haley is a Kashmiri separatist and is the the co-founder of a dodgy organisation called Stand with Kashmir. The other co-founders are Ather Zia, Hafsa Kanjwal, Mohammed Junaid, and Huma Dhar. Haley is also founding member of the Critical Kashmir Studies “scholarly collective”.

Haley is the co-editor of “Resisting Occupation in Kashmir (The Ethnography of Political Violence), along with Ather Zia, Mona Bhan and Cynthia Mahmood. Her “works” have appeared in The International Journal of Hindu Studies, a peer-reviewed academic journal published by Germany based, Springer Science+Business Media.

Disinfo Lab have exposed Kashmir-ISI nexus here.

Rajiv Pandit, member of HAF (Hindu American Foundation) highlighted Haley’s endorsement of terror outfits such as Hizbul Mujahideen while the group was designated as a terror organisation by United States Department of State.

Haley Duschinski testified against India in the United States Congress’ Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission. She resorted to lies, with no evidence and/or statistics to back-up her claims of human rights excesses in Kashmir. She also called Maharaja Hari Singh’s accession to India “temporary legal and political arrangement born of necessity during war, de-colonisation and partition”, white washed Pakistan’s involvement in terrorism in Kashmir in the 1980’s-90’s calling it “armed rebellion against Indian state”, made sweeping statements accusing Indian Army of torture, extra-judicial killings, sexual violence in Kashmir, and called Indian justice processes as a “failure”.

The Indian state, which is responsible for the security of civilians and property, utterly failed to protect Kashmiri Pandits’ internationally recognized rights as minorities and as victims of, and refugees from, an armed conflict. It is imperative to investigate all crimes against Kashmiri Pandits, through an international inquiry, since Indian criminal justice processes have failed.

Credible international media outlets and Indian civil society reports have reported allegations of torture by armed security personnel, including broadcasting sounds of beatings and pleas for mercy over loudspeakers for the purpose of terrorizing the population.

It is imperative that the pain and suffering of any Kashmiri community should not be instrumentalized, manipulated, or weaponized as a claim against other communities. As state subjects, and as persons displaced by the conflict, Kashmiri Pandits have legal and political stakes in the future of Kashmir. The international resolution of the Kashmir dispute requires justice, truth and a democratic and peaceful solution, in keeping with international law, for all Kashmiris.”

Haley Duschinski, Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, 14 November 2019

Below is the video of her ‘testimony’.

Haley Duschinski, Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, 14 November 2019

Source: Radio Kashmir You Tube channel

While claiming to espouse the interests of Kashmiri Pandits , Haley Duschinski in an article titled Survival Is Now Our Politics: Kashmiri Hindu Community Identity and the Politics of Homeland, opens the article with the line “Kashmiri Hindus are historically privileged cultural and religious community” while ignoring genocide at the hands of Islamic invaders such as Sikander Butshikan and more recently 19th January 1990 genocide. Talking about the community further in the article she opines “Kashmiri Pandits, the small minority that had become established as the clerical caste of revenue administrators and office holders, enjoyed privileged access to educational and occupational opportunities in relation to the Kashmiri Muslim masses”. In the same article, Haley goes on to say “In 1989, Kashmiris, feeling themselves increasingly frustrated with longstanding patterns of misgovernment in the region, took to the streets in Srinagar and other towns in Kashmir Valley in an open revolt against Indian state rule.” While never pointing fingers at the Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in the valley Haley justifies and blames India saying “the militant movement resulted from the political alienation or economic deprivation of Kashmiri Muslim”.

In an article titled The international community must intervene on Kashmir co-authored with Mona Bhan, Goldie Osuri, Haley likens India to Israel and Kashmir to Palestine. She says “The annexation of Kashmir is the latest move by the Modi administration, performed by abolishing the special status of J&K and bifurcating the region into two Union Territories. This move sets the scene for India’s inauguration of an Israeli-style settler colonialism.” On the one-year anniversary of the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, again co-authoring an artilce with Ather Zia, Mona Bhan titled Politics of Annexation and Settler Colonialism in Kashmir, Haley writes, “Kashmiris fear that India’s extractive infrastructure in Kashmir along with the fortification of military settlements will further the process of land and resource alienation and normalize the discriminatory systems of segregation and apartheid.”

The biggest and most lies Haley Duschinski told was in the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission hearing on Jammu and Kashmir in Context on 14th November 2019. In the beginning Haley says her testimony is based on “credible media sources and six-fact finding reports published by Indian civil society groups”. In the whole document Haley never raises Pakistan’s role in radicalisation of Kashmiri population and cross-border terrorism, she says “the second stage of Indian occupation of Kashmir began in the late 1980s as Kashmiris launched a popular armed rebellion against the Indian state”. Then gives figures that lie about the number of Indian troops in the state. She then goes to claim with no evidence or facts to back up her claim “Indian military, police and paramilitary forces have carried out extra-judicial killings, arbitrary detentions, enforced disappearances, torture and sexual assault”. The whole testimony is replete with conjectures and opinions with no factual evidence. She has quoted newspapers like The New York Times, The Independent, The Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post which are known anti-India, Hindu hating news papers.

Haley in her testimony also blames Chittisinghpora massacre on India’s Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). This despite David Coleman Headley, Paksitani-American Lashkar operative in 2010 had told US and Indian investigator Chittisinghpora massacre had been carried out by Lakskhe e- Tayyaba (LET). She uses one Lt. Col. General Gill’s statement to accuse BJP. LET’s Muzzamil was named by David Headley & Moahhmed Suhail Malik while Mohammed Suhail Malik had confessed his involvement in the massacre to Indian investigative agencies. Malik was a nephew of Hafiz Saeed, founder of LET.

Below are some of haley’s tweets that shows her separatist agenda and her hate for India.