24th July 2020

Daily news summary of anti-Hindu discrimination, hate, violence and other activities from India and around the world

Tamil Nadu Police Blocks 500 Anti-Hindu Videos Following Controversy Over Ridiculing Of Hymn On Lord Skanda (Source: Swarajya)

Hindu victims of hate crime (Source: eSamskriti website)

Activist Claims Links Between Shahrukh Khan And ISI-Funded Kashmiri Separatist; BJP Demands Answers (Source: Swarajya)

Christianizing Tamil culture: Hindu Makkal Katchi to launch protest at Tamil Nadu’s Keezhadi (Source: Indus Scrolls)

PETA’s Eid campaign: Pontificates on every Hindu festival, but still cannot dare to ask Muslims to stop slaughtering animals (Source: OpIndia)

Petition in Prayagraj High Court to ban Ram temple bhoomi poojan (Source: Daily Jagaran)

“Sikh Girls are Easy to Groom for Sex” Says Pakistani Groomer (Source: Daily Sikh Updates website)

Afghan and Rohingya Muslims start converting to Christianity to get Indian citizenship under CAA: Report (Source: OpIndia)

Meerut love jihad accused Shamshad arrested (Source: Zee News)

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