25th July 2020

Daily news summary of anti-Hindu discrimination, hate, violence and other activities from India and around the world

Another ‘Interfaith Love’ Ends Up In Murder: Shamshad Kills Priya And Her Daughter, Buries Bodies In Own House (Source: Swarajya)

Uttarakhand’s takeover of Hindu Temples is unjustified and against Dharma (Source: Hindu Post)

Congress supporter goes to court to stop Bhumi Pujan for Ram Temple (Source: OpIndia)

Meet Latoya Ferns-Advani: Maharashtra Youth Congress spokesperson who wants ISIS ‘fighters’ legitimised by ‘giving’ them a state (Source: OpIndia)

Love Jihad : since Premchand to our times (Source: Pawan Pandey website)

Constructing a Hindu temple in an Islamic state is ‘haram’, even non-Muslim citizens cannot spend their money on it: Zakir Naik (Source: OpIndia)

PETA’s Public Meltdown On Twitter – Total Loss Of Credibility (Source: Kreately)

Rattled by Bhoomi Pujan of Ram Mandir, AAP leader Syed Asad Abbas hurls sexist abuses at BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma (Source: OpIndia)

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