2nd August 2020

Daily news summary of anti-Hindu discrimination, hate, violence and other activities from India and around the world

BMC allows sacrifice of 150 buffaloes per day for Eid, Muslim organisation fumes, to move HC for permission to slaughter 5,000 buffaloes (Source: OpIndia)

JNU ‘student’ Umar Khalid questioned by Delhi Police in connection with Delhi Riots case, mobile phone seized (Source: OpIndia)

‘This house is on sale due to fear of members of a particular community’: Posters come up on houses of Hindus in riot-affected areas of Delhi (Source: OpIndia)

After converting to Islam, man tries to marry his minor girls to Mewati men – Mathura, UP (Source: Hindu Post)

MS Golwalkar, the RSS chief who shunned caste system at VHP’s first conference, was an exponent of reformist Hindutva (Source: Firstpost)

Conspiracy of Silence: How mainstream media works to obliterate the brutal massacre of Karsevaks in 1990 from public memory (Source: OpIndia)

Unsung Heroes of Sri Ram Janmabhumi Movement: KK Nair, an ICS officer from Kerala who defied Nehru’s ‘Aurangzebic diktat’(Source: Organiser)

When NDTV wanted 1000 karsevaks to be murdered in a storm of bullets to protect the secular fabric of the country (Source: OpIndia)

While PETA enjoys only putting billboards to save cows, Gau Rakshaks risk their lives to protect them (Source: Trunicle)

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