3rd August 2020

Daily news summary of anti-Hindu discrimination, hate, violence and other activities from India and around the world

Finally, the most awaited day for Hindus has arrived; Wait of over 500 years is over as Ramlalla returns to his birthplace (Source: Organiser)

‘Ram Janmabhoomi Movement exposed pseudo-secularism and communal appeasement, we will restore past glory of sacred Ayodhya’: Yogi Adityanath (Source: OpIndia)

Tahir Hussain confesses of masterminding northeast Delhi riots, says ‘wanted to teach lessons’ (Source: Zee News)

“I will rape you and cut you into four pieces”: Sameer Ahmed had threatened a girl in Delhi’s Maujpur area a day before riots broke out (Source: OpIndia)

The Calculated Destruction of History Writing in India in Five Stages (Source: Dharma Dispatch)

India doesn’t need ‘western’ concepts like secularism: KN Govindacharya (Source: Business Standard)

Hitler Called It “Hooked Cross”, Church Named It “Swastika” (Source: Kreately)

Rajakesari Rajaraja Chola – the brightest star of the Chola dynasty and Bharatvarsha (Source: Hindu Post)

Will Hindus of Kerala become a minority within the next generation? (Source: Hindu Post)

Ayodhya: The Harbinger of a New Order (Source: Organiser)

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