23rd August 2020

Bloomsbury India Vs Freedom of expression: How ‘liberals’ dictated what could and should be consumed by readers

Sadhu Saravanan ends life unable to bear torture by Sub Inspector Anthony Michael in Salem; Police yet to file an FIR against the accused SI, despite Sadhu’s dying declaration

‘He had stored gunpowder and other materials at the house’, says the wife of nabbed ISIS terrorist, seeks forgiveness as they have four children

Liberals condemn freedom of speech while justifying censorship of Delhi Riots book, claim FoE is a tool of oppression

Vishwa Hindu Parishad trains over 5,000 Dalits as Priests across the Country; 2500 trained in Tamil Nadu alone

Authors, Readers Begin Boycotting Bloomsbury India After It Pulls Out Of Publishing Delhi Riots Book

Left historian William Dalrymple was behind the withdrawal of book on Delhi riots by Bloomsbury, informs Islamist Aatish Taseer

Bloomsbury India bullied into withdrawing Delhi riots book amidst pressure from Congress supporters and Islamists

Delhi man arrested in Etah for trying to convert Hindu couple to Christianity

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