24th August 2020

Punjab: One Khalistani sympathiser arrested from Amritsar for performing prayers at Golden Temple for ‘Referendum 2020’

Indian Muslims should form exclusive party, consider moving to Kerala: Zakir Naik

मुसलमानी बन गई तेरी बेटी… मिलना है तो पूरा परिवार मुसलमान बनो: सिमरन का जबरन धर्म-परिवर्तन, परिवार को धमकी

Listen Hindus: Allah Is Not Your God

ब्लूम्सबरी इंडिया ने वामपंथियों के दबाव में दिल्ली दंगों पर आने वाली किताब का प्रकाशन रोका

Zakir Naik says Hindus are less than 60% of Indian population, Muslims can win if they follow his advice

India: Muslim village leaders issue fatwa banning music, lottery, watching TV

Authors, Readers Begin Boycotting Bloomsbury India After It Pulls Out Of Publishing Delhi Riots Book

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