9th September 2020

Daily summary of anti-Hindu news from India and around the world.

For Hindus, how relevant is a division of the world into “secular” and “religious”?

प्यार में फँसा कर पति से तलाक, निकाह के नाम पर सेक्स: जिस उम्मेर ने किया यह सब, उसके छोटे भाई ने भी किया रेप

मुझे छोड़ दो, मैं तेरी दादी की उम्र की: 90 साल की वृद्धा ने बलात्कारी से लगाई गुहार… लेकिन वो नहीं सुना

Beyond Outrage Over ‘Sexy’ Goddess Remark: From Juvenile Stupidity To Genuine Rationality

FCRA license of 13 Christian orgs suspended, ‘The Hindu’ claims govt. witch hunt

Bengaluru riots : report reveals the riots were pre-planned, local led and aimed to create Muslim majority area

Real estate mafia try to usurp 2,000 acres of temple land worth Rs 60,000 crores in TN’s Thiruporur ; Young advocate saves the land with timely legal intervention

‘Love Jihad’ case from UP’s Kanpur; youth hides religion to marry landlord’s daughter

RSS unlikely to take up Kashi, Mathura shrines

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