22nd September 2020

Daily updates 22nd September 2020

Tania Parveen, the Kolkata Girl Who Wanted to Become Indian Jihad’s Wonder Woman

Al-Qaeda terrorists nabbed by NIA possessed explosives, had mobilised masses for anti-CAA violence in Murshidabad: Reports

UNGA 2020: Erdogan calls Kashmir conflict a ‘burning issue’

Have a watch on People’s Watch: Madurai based NGO exposed

Delhi Riots: Former Congress-AAP councillors and other accused received Rs 1.61 Crore for executing conspiracy of riots, reveals charge sheet

Land sharks attempt to grab Thimmarajapuram Perumal temple land of over 120 acres in Tirunelveli; VHP and Temple Worshippers Society step in to clear the land of illegal squatters

Govt aided Christian schools in Tirunelveli in TN use students to protest against NEP; Sting operation by VHP exposes their agenda to poison young minds

Shiv Sena Govt in Maharashtra utilizes Siddhivinayak temple money for its govt scheme. Acting on a PIL, the HC seeks an answer from the Trust and State Govt

Pakistan’s vicious narco-terrorism plan in India and its connection to Khalistan movement

Becoming A Dharmic Researcher: A Responsibility, Not A Right

Senior citizen and retired teacher stabbed by scrap dealer Sohail over ‘property dispute’

Why Amit Shah’s FCRA Bill has Rattled Oxfam India: Explained in Two Parts

Whatsapp Chat Shows Safoora Zargar And AAP Leader Athar Khan Planned Anti Hindu Riots & Attack On DCP Amit Sharma And Constable Ratanlal One Week Before The Riots

For AltNews, Muslims cease to be Muslims if they do not hate Narendra Modi or the RSS

‘Remember Kamlesh Tiwari? The same will happen to you’: Asst Stores Officer Shakeel Ahmad threatens UP Minister Rajeshwar Singh

Why is Cow considered sacred in Hindu Dharma?

Kannur native among 2 terrorists arrested by NIA for Bengaluru, Delhi blasts

How & Why Church ganged up to destroy NCPCR CP Priyank Kanoongo

तुम मुस्लिम नहीं हो… तुम तो मोदी का जन्मदिन और राम मंदिर पर खुश होते हो: AltNews का ‘कूड़ा फैक्ट चेक’

दिल्ली दंगों और CAA विरोधी उपद्रव के लिए ₹1.61 करोड़ की फंडिंग: ताहिर और इशरत सहित 5 के खाते में आए थे रुपए

How India Went From World’s Education Capital To Depths Of Illiteracy Part I

‘Secular’ anti-CAA protesters knew their Islamist comrades were trying to incite violence but did not inform police, WhatsApp texts reveal

India: Muslim mob attacks Hindu procession, many Hindus injured

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