23rd September 2020

Daily updates for 23rd September 2020

Complaint filed against William Dalrymple for flouting visa norms, trying to interfere in India’s internal affairs

Here’s Why A Furore Has Been Raised Over Andhra Chief Minister Jagan Reddy’s Visit To Tirupati Balaji Temple Today

टाइम्स में शामिल ‘दादी’ की सराहना जरूर कीजिए, आखिर उनको क्या पता था शाहीन बाग का अंजाम, वो तो देश बचाने निकली थीं!

William Dalrymple flouted visa norms, interfered in Bharat’s internal affairs : complaint

Properties made available for sale or rent only to Muslims appear on several real estate portals

जानिए देश मे लगी ये “वामपंथ” एवं “सेकुलर लिबेरल” नामक दीमकें किस प्रकार देश एवं समाज को खोखला कर रही हैं।

पाकिस्तान 171 हिंदुओं को मदरसा अहसान-उल-तालीम में करवाया गया इस्लाम कबूल: मानवाधिकार कार्यकर्ता का दावा

Sudarshan News case: Dalit activist Sanjiv Newar to file intervention petition in Supreme Court after his comments were portrayed as ‘hate speech’

US: Town Council refuses to change the name of ‘Swastika’ hamlet, says it is the name of a Holy Hindu symbol that pre-dates Nazi era

How Convent Schools Are Converting Hindu Children To Christianity And What Are The Ways To Tackle It.

‘बोतल डॉन’ खान मुबारक की 20 दुकान वाले कॉम्प्लेक्स पर चला योगी सरकार का बुलडोजर: करोड़ों की स्कॉर्पियो, जेसीबी, डंपर भी जब्त

विदेशी लेखक वीजा पर यहाँ आता है और भारत के ही खिलाफ प्रोपेगेंडा फैलाता है: वीजा रद्द करने की माँग

14-year-old Hindu girl killed by 20-year-old Muslim man for refusing his grooming advances – Bangladesh

Umar Khalid is not an exception to the rule of law: Former judges condemn ‘activists’ trying to interfere Delhi riot cases

Facebook moves to SC challenging Raghav Chadha’s summons, says they are answerable to Union govt, not a Delhi assembly panel

Delhi riots: ‘Five accused received Rs 1.61 crore to manage protests’

Umar Khalid, Sharjeel Imam used social media to radicalise youth, says Delhi Police in charge sheet

ISKCON approaches Kolkata police for action against Hinduphobic YouTube Channel

UP में मुख्तार-अतीक के बाद अब माफिया खान मुबारक की बारी, अवैध निर्माण पर चला बुलडोजर, सारी संपत्ति होगी जब्त

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