11th January 2021

Daily updates for 11th January 2021

Truschke and Ayyub’s ‘Hindu nationalist’ who waved Tricolor at US capitol riots turns out to be Indian-origin Christian Congress supporter

Odisha: The only state you need a Covid-negative report to go to a temple; churches, mosques are exempted

Hindu girl ends life after being trapped and exploited by groomer who was forcing her to convert to Islam

“I will only stand, bow, or worship Jesus Christ:” US councilwoman explains why she walked out during Hindu prayer

Court finds prima facie evidence of conspiracy by Tahir Hussain, Umar Khalid in Delhi riots case

Sachin Tendulkar targeted for his sacred thread by anti-Brahmin activist accused of faking her Dalit identity by former husband

GoAir Pilot Capt Mickey Malik who was sacked over his offensive social media posts has a history of disturbing tweets. Read details

Why minorities shouldn’t be worried about the concept of a Hindu Rashtra

Hindu bodies in UK pen letter to Boris Johnson requesting he raise persecution of minorities in Pakistan with Imran Khan

स्थानीय ईसाई मिशनरियों की मदद से विदेशी, हिंदुओं के धर्मांतरण में लगातार सफल हो रहे हैं !

‘Is there any shame in the society that worships Shiva’s penis?’: Video of RJD MLA Satish Kumar Das goes viral

‘जुबानी जहर फैलाने वाले माफिया’: मुनव्वर राणा पर कार्रवाई करने का विचार करेगी शिवराज सरकार

West Bengal: FIR against TMC leader Kalyan Banerjee for derogatory comments on Goddess Sita

TN mainstream media calls Ashwin as ‘Indian’ cricketer but Natarajan as ‘Tamil’ cricketer

Jharkhand-based missionary group Xavier’s Hazaribagh Association accused of targeting Indian judiciary, campaigning for Maoist Stan & violating FCRA

Halal certification is another form of untouchability, bring legislation to ban it: Swadeshi Jagran Manch

Missionary Day observed in Mizoram

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