12th January 2021

Daily updates for 12th January 2021

Cow smugglers in UP attack police, tie female constable’s neck and drag her, Ikram, Zaid and others booked for conspiracy: Details

Tamil Nadu: Illegal Christian cemetery built over temple land in Tirunelveli to be shifted to another place

Delhi: 18-Year-Old Who Converted To Islam Before Marriage Accuses Father-in-law Of Rape, Says Mother-in-law Forcing Her Into Prostitution

Chhattisgarh: Congress councillor Kamran Ansari and his aides booked for abusing and assaulting a tribal youth

₹20 लाख के लिए सेना के कैप्टेन ने मारे 3 आतंकी: स्वरा भास्कर ने फैलाया झूठ, सेना ने कहा- फर्जी है यह

“Make Left affiliated employees permanent, reaffirm Left character of the institution”: Kerala Film Academy chairman’s letter to state govt triggers massive controversy

धर्म बदलकर मुस्लिम लड़के से शादी करने वाली लड़की ने पति-ससुर पर लगाया रेप का आरोप

175 billion US dollars allotted by a Christian Missionary for conversions !

Delhi: 18-year-old girl accuses husband Sohel and father-in-law Shafiq of rape, forcing into prostitution

गोरखपुर में लव जिहाद, महबूब ने हिंदू बनकर नाबालिग छात्रा से की दोस्ती, फिर नौकरी का झांसा देकर कर लिया अपहरण

IMK’s efforts pay off: Christian cemetery built right in front of temple by local Church to be shifted

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