14th January 2021

Daily updates for 14th January 2021

In a shocker, RTI reveals that NCERT has no ‘information available’ on Indian History

ASI And NIO To Undertake Underwater Exploration And Research Of Ram Setu

Railway Police arrests 10 illegal Rohingyas immigrants in West Bengal on a train to Bihar

“Information not available”: NCERT says in response to RTI filed seeking source of claims made on Mughals rebuilding temples after destroying them

BJP will begin a 1992-esque Rath Yatra in Andhra to send a clear message to the Hindu-hating politicians of the state

भगवान के सिर पर लात मार ईसाई धर्म कबूल करवाने वाला पादरी गिरफ्तार: 699 गाँव को बनाया Christ village

Alert! एक बार फिर तेज हुई PFI और JMB की गतिविधियां, जमाते इस्लामी हिंद भी साजिश में शामिल

Ormanjhi beheading case: Ranchi Police arrests main accused Shaikh Bilal

UP: दलितों ने शिव मूर्ति व शिव लिंग तोड़ फेका, स्थापना करने वाले परिवार पर लगाया Sc-St एक्ट

ASI approves underwater research project to determine how and when the Ram Setu was formed

Notorious Christian pastor who boasted of kicking idols of Hindu Gods and forming ‘Christ Villages’ in AP arrested

NCERT says it has no information on source of claim made in textbook that Mughals had rebuilt temples after destroying them

Notice period for inter-faith marriage now optional

NIA Files charge-sheet against medical doctor Abdur Rahman in Islamic State case

Gehlot govt. issues ad to ‘not kill birds’ on Makar Sankranti

Four top terrorists, including 3 of Christian terror outfit NLFT, held in Tripura

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