13th January 2021

Daily updates for 13th January 2021

NCERT says it has no information on source of claim made in textbook that Mughals had rebuilt temples after destroying them

Andhra temple attacks by treasure hunters, drunks: DGP

In a bid to oppose UP’s anti-forced religious conversion law, ‘Liberals’ end up endorsing paedophilia

Mumbai: Muslim Man ‘drops’ Hindu wife off moving train, nailed by witnesses

13 जनवरी- 1948 में आज से गांधी ने मुसलमानों को हिन्दुओं जैसी बराबरी के हक़ के लिए शुरू किया था “आमरण अनशन”.. उसका परिणाम आज है राष्ट्र के सामने

Dalit Rights body seeks NCPCR intervention in the alleged forced drug/porn addiction of Dalit children by goons under Congress MLA Aslam Shaikh

UP: 4 बेटियों संग छप्पर में रहते हैं पुरोहित, बेटी का स्कूल फॉर्म भरने को ग्रामीणों ने जुटाए थे 2.5 हजार

Public holiday, total shutdown in Mizoram to celebrate ‘Missionary Day’; grim trailer for states like AP?

‘If Nikita Is Indeed India’s Daughter, Join Me In Legal Fight. I Can’t Do It Alone’. Broke And Jobless, Slain Nikita Tomar’s Father Turns To Community

Hindu Woman and her minor son attacked by unruly Muslim youth in UP’s Firozabad, culprits arrested

Why Nepal Is Seeking Restoration Of Monarchy And To Be A Hindu State Again

Within hours of complaint, UP police arrests 2 Muslim youth for sexual harassment, stalking of news anchor

“UP Police is teaching them lessons”, Cops nab eve-teasers Shahbaz and Md Wasik after journalist posts their video on Twitter

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