17th January 2021

Daily updates for 17th January 2021

‘ये अली अब्बास, सैफ, जीशान को खुद के धर्म से इतनी नफरत क्यों? उसपर भी बनाओ फिल्म’- कपिल मिश्रा

Amazon Prime’s ‘Tandav’: India’s Dumbest Political Drama Till Date 

Is HDFC’s Hero Idol Kicking Pastor Praveen Akin To Rock Star Zakir Naik Of The Congress?

India: Muslims violently assault Hindu woman and her minor son, vandalize her shop

NIA summons pro-Khalistan outfit ‘Khalsa Aid’ in Sikhs For Justice in ‘Referendum-2020’ case, actor-turned ‘farmer’ Deep Sidhu also called

Pulwama attack: Justice doesn’t give a tiny rat’s furry posterior about the sensibility of elites who go where the money takes them

फहद अहमद अब बना ‘किसान नेता’, पहले था CAA विरोधी छात्र नेता: स्वरा-मंडली संग करता है काम, AMU में मिली थी ‘ट्रेनिंग’

100 करोड़ हिन्दू है लेकिन सिर्फ मजाक उड़ाने के लिए

Pakistan hails ‘Muslim journalist Rana Ayyub’ for ‘exposing Fascist Modi’ on Kashmir and CAA, uses her to target ‘Brahmin Hindus’

Firangi lord Rahul Gandhi realises the glory of Hindu festival after witnessing it, makes superb U-turns while making zero sense

Karnataka anti-cow slaughter law to come into effect from January 18, lists provisions

5 terror associates arrested for pasting threat posters in JK

Hindus under attack: weekly roundup of hate-crimes, persecution and discrimination against Hindus

Md. Taslim held for sharing obscene videos with girls, used to collect numbers from social media

Samajwadi MP Azam’s Jauhar Univ land taken from Dalit farmers under coercion, to be acquired: Court

Troubles mount for ‘comedian’ Munawar Faruqui as UP police seeks his custody

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