18th January 2021

Daily updates for 18th January 2021

‘Consensual affair’ between minors and adults not a valid defense, says SC: Here’s why it is significant in view of growing Grooming Jihad cases

Saif Ali Khan Gets Extra Police Security At His House Amidst ‘Ban Tandav Controversy’

Hinduphobic content on OTT platforms and censorship: The case against it and the ironic case for it

Diaspora fightback of anti-India propaganda in UK Parliament must start by getting involved

‘Gaadi se layenge farzi comedian ko’: UP Police reaches Madhya Pradesh to take custody of Munawar Faruqui

Waste of talent, resources and time: I watched Tandav on Amazon Prime so you don’t have to

Foul-mouthed DMK sympathizer launches attack on Zoho’s CEO, gets served in style by latter

मुनव्वर फारूकी को गाड़ी से ले जाएगी UP पुलिस, आरफा ने कहा – ‘मुस्लिम होना एकमात्र क्राइम’

Gujarat: Ram Mandir fund collection rally attacked again, riots in 2 villages of Kutch

Director of ‘Tandav’ issues ‘unconditional apology’ for hurting Hindu sentiments after UP Police registers an FIR: Details

Condemn desecration Hindu places of worship: Conservative MP from Canada calls for resettlement of Kashmiri pandits in Kashmir

मुनव्वर की ढंग से मरम्मत करेगी योगी जी की पुलिस: देवी सीता पर अभद्र टिप्पणी करने वाले लोफर कॉमेडियन को लाया जाएगा यूपी

Amid calls to boycott ‘Tandav’, Centre seeks explanation from Amazon Prime; Complaints filed against makers of Hinduphobic web series

मायावती भी तांडव के विरोध में उतरीं, कहा- आपत्तिजनक हटाएं ताकि शांति का वातावरण खराब न हो

योगी सरकार का किसानों के लिए काम: खरीदा लक्ष्य से ज्यादा धान, गन्ना-गेहूँ-धान का किया रिकॉर्ड भुगतान

‘Madam Chief Minister’ poster row: Bhim Sena threatens to cut off Richa Chadha’s tongue, actress apologises for poster

Legal Trouble Continues For Makers Of Tandav,BJP Leader Kapil Mishra Sends Legal Notice

“मैं कुंवारी हूं, तेज कटारी हूं, लेकिन तुम्हारी हूं” कहने पर भड़के दलित नेता, ऋचा चड्ढा की जीभ काटने पर 2 करोड़ का रखा इनाम

‘तांडव’ से भावनाएँ आहत हुईं? सरकार से अमेज़ॉन प्राइम को समन

‘Inflammatory slogans’ during rally to collect funds for Ram Temple in Bulandshahr, two arrested

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