6th February 2021

Daily updates for 6th February 2021

Abrahamic religions good, Pagan cultures bad: How liberal media is cheering Biden and Christian godmen taking over America

Muslim tutor abducts teenage student in a case of grooming in UP

Abdul Mannan writes a letter to Sonia Gandhi to make a Grand Alliance with Abbas Siddiqui

Series of Hindu temple vandalizations in Bangladesh, ploy to grab Hindu land says NHRC

Chikkamagaluru Assistant Commissioner issues directive to private temples to register with HRCE

Kerala govt exam question insults Hindu Gods and glorifies Jesus

Jat youth murdered by Muslims in Bijnore

Uttarakhand : Pooja married Shafiq, found dead in mysterious circumstances

Meet Sangeet Toor, The Wire and The Caravan columnist, who spread fake news about ‘bombs dropped at protest site’

Caught planning insurrection in India, Canada-based Poetic Justice Foundation tries to wash its hands off the farmer protests

Uttar Pradesh: Shadab, Sariq, Shahbaz, Shehzad arrested after shooting dead Rachit Jat in full public view, NSA slapped on them

“Spewing venom against another religious faith defies the very purpose of religion”: Madras High Court tells evangelist

Fascist Anti-Hindu CPM Arrests RV Babu Of Hindu Aikyavedi For Appealing Against Halalonomics

Church election atrocities: Each household to get mutton biryani once a month, two wheeler, silk sarees, and many other goodies

Left trolls abuse award-wapasi veteran for making a donation for the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

What is Love Jihad Bill?

Love Jihad: Muslim tutor threatens to murder girl’s brother if she doesn’t get converted to Islam and marry him

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