7th February 2021

Daily updates for 7th February 2021

Refusing to pay rent, tenants kill 61-year-old landlady, three accused including 65-year old Ashrafunnisa arrested

Police arrest one Nazim for posting provocative message after Jat youth’s murder in Bijnor

Media’s Selective Outrage On Munawar Faruqui And The Resulting Radicalisation Of Sharjeel Usmani

Dear Mr Naseeruddin Shah, actually you have nothing to lose because you have lost almost everything, so kindly shut up!

Police arrest two Muslim youth for temple thefts and desecrating saffron flag

Navy sailor burnt alive to death in Maharashtra’s Palghar. Thackeray Govt is clueless as always

Another appointment row at Kaladi varsity, this time over Christian Nadar reservation category ……

MeToo accused and co-founder of leftist propaganda website The Wire Sidharth Bhatia elected as President of Mumbai Press Club

Propagandizing the Aryan Invasion Debate: A Rebuttal to Tony Joseph

5 Muslim men murder a Hindu youth in Bijnore, Police to slap NSA on all five

NGO linked to George Soros, who had declared war against ‘Nationalists’ and PM Modi, calls for people to join Shaheen Bagh protests

बिजनौर: रचित जाट की हत्या का मनाया गया जश्न, कहा- ‘यहां हमारे लोगों का राज होगा’, मो. नाजिर गिरफ्तार

Navy officer abducted from Chennai airport dies after being set on fire in Palghar, Maharashtra. Read details

Pastors booked by Bengaluru cops for cheating in land dispute case

CPM ex-MP MB Rajesh’s wife lands college job using Muslim quota, nepotism

Hindus under attack: weekly roundup of hate-crimes, persecution and discrimination against Hindus

How history was made up at Nalanda

जम्मू में बड़े आतंकी हमले की साजिश रच रहा लश्कर-ए-मुस्तफा 

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