10th March 2021

Daily updates for 10th March 2021

Rutgers defends anti-Hindu prof Audrey Truschke’s whitewashing of jihad genocide of Hindus: ‘academic freedom’

While trying to mock Modi supporters, ‘comedian’ Mohit Morani mocks the Kashmiri Pandit exodus

Gruesome murder of 14-year-old Hindu boy Mahesh Kolli by the family of his Muslim friend: All you need to know

Mohammed Arif turns Kesariya to dupe Hindu woman, Kanpur police lodges FIR

The 1971 Bangladesh Genocide: Lessons In History For ‘Woke’ America

Nodeep Kaur – the vandal who belongs in a jail cell, targets the Indian Army recently in Delhi University

India: Muslims cut off 14-year-old Hindu boy’s nose and genitals, then murder him, for friendship with Muslim girl

Twitter deletes handle of India-based journalist Francois Gautier

Fact Check: Did AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal threaten to make India an Islamic country. Read details

As Arvind Kejriwal declares himself ‘Ram bhakt’, netizens remind him of his anti-Hindu comments

Church complex built on top of 7th century cave temple in Tamil Nadu, complaint lodged

Minor Hindu Boy Killed, Mutilated By Family Of His Muslim Classmate In Karnataka; Media Fails To Reveal Identity Of Killers

इंजीनियरिंग छात्र को प्लेसमेंट से खफा दलित छात्र ने SC-ST एक्ट में भेजा जेल, जान से मारने की ऑडियो वायरल

The case of Raymond Varley

Kerala: CPI(M) workers demand TM Siddique as a candidate in Muslim-majority Ponnani constituency, reject P Nandakumar

मुस्लिम मतों से प्यार हिन्दुओं पर वार

Bangladeshi terrorist outfits transferred money to terrorists in Kashmir in the form of cryptocurrency: Report

Why American liberals need to shut up about India

Bhainsa anti-Hindu Riots: BJP MP Aravind Dharmapuri Stopped from Visiting the Riot-Victims

Gopal Patha: A Brave Hindu Warrior who countered Jinnah’s Direct Action day and saved Calcutta and millions of Hindus

DNA ANALYSIS: बाटला हाउस एनकाउंटर पर ‘सबूत गैंग’ ने कही थी ये बातें, जानें पूरा मामला

When Stalin started a DMK public meeting with unadulterated Brahmin hatred

Aurangzeb destroyed 1000s of Hindu temples; No he never rebuilt any

On this Herath: Is Kashmir really incomplete without Kashmiri Pandits..?

Madhya Pradesh starts reverting to original names of cities and localities, removes colonial influences

Boy, 14, Killed And His Private Part Chopped By Family Of Girl He Was In Friendship With

19-year-old saleswoman kills self in Telangana

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