9th March 2021

Daily updates for 9th March 2021

Communal clashes erupt in AIMIM bastion Bhainsa over noisy bikes 

Gujarat High Court proposes guidelines, asks the state govt to take concrete steps to end the taboo around menstrual health for women

As #RacistRutgers trends on Twitter, read details of the accusations against Audrey Truschke by Rutgers University students

Questions To Sonia On Batla House Encounter

‘चाय वाले को झेल लो, गाय वाला आ गया तो झेला नहीं जाएगा’: डिजिटल हिंदू कॉन्क्लेव में कपिल मिश्रा

रोहिंग्याओ पर हुआ एक्शन तो…चीख पड़ा वो सफेदपोश जिसे चिंता रहती है कभी पाकिस्तान की तो कभी चीन की

‘All Rohingyas may not be criminals, but how did they come and settle here’? Jammu residents welcome action against illegal immigrants

‘New Ram Mandir will be symbol of hate’ argument is based on same lies that propagated ‘Babri demolition radicalised Muslims’

‘Chai wale ko jhel lo, kahi gaay wala aa gaya, toh tum se jhela nahi jaega’: 4 punchlines by Kapil Mishra during Digital Hindu Conclave

‘Maybe coz I tweeted against Greta Thunberg and Disha Ravi’, says French journalist Francois Gautier after Twitter arbitrarily deletes his account

‘As Hindu students, we cannot study and live in an environment in which we feel unsafe’: Hindu Group speaks up after Rutgers backs Audrey Truschke

Hindu Genocide denial and racist rhetoric against Hindus is ‘Academic Freedom’, says Rutgers University, backs ‘historian’ Audrey Truschke

Freedom House and Pakistan: How global liberalism dehumanises Hindus

Uttar Pradesh Government to Establish Lord Ram University in Ayodhya Soon

Batla House encounter: Will Sonia Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal apologise now, asks BJP after court verdict

Murti vandalisation in Kurigram, Northern Bangladesh

खुद का नाम “अंगद” बताता था UP पुलिस द्वारा ढेर किया गया मुख़्तार अंसारी का गुर्गा “अमजद”.. पाप अमजद करता रहा और बदनाम होते रहे हिन्दुओं के आराध्य

‘बंगाल चुनाव में जय श्री राम नारे लगाने पर लगे रोक’ वाली याचिका सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने ख़ारिज की

Vishnu Tiwari speaks to media, claimed sole reason for this persecution was his caste

वीडियो: विष्णु तिवारी- ‘शिखा व जाति के कारण मुझे प्रताड़ित किया जाता था’

Mainuddin aka ‘Mannu Yadav’ booked under anti-conversion law for falsely marrying Hindu woman: Gorakhpur, UP

Hindu Genocide denial and racist rhetoric against Hindus is ‘Academic Freedom’, says Rutgers University, backs ‘historian’ Audrey Truschke

‘Moplah Riots in CPM’: ‘Party members’ stage demonstration to replace Hindu candidate with Muslim candidate in Kerala

लव जिहाद: मुन्नू यादव बन मैनुद्दीन ने युवती को फंसाया, शादी के बाद धर्म परिवर्तन न करने पर मारपीट, गिरफ्तार

Pakistani Hindu girl abducted by cop, forced to convert

Batla House encounter was Secular Parties’ and Left Liberals’ weapon to attack the Hindus for over a decade. Now the party is over

MP: विधानसभा में लवजिहाद विरोधी कानून पास, षड्यंत्रकारियों पर शिवराज बोले- MP में चैन से जीने नहीं देंगे

Batla House Encounter: Court Convicts Ariz Khan for Killing Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma

Ancient temple near Coimbatore lies in neglect, HR&CE turns blind eye

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