1st March 2021

Daily updates for 1st March 2021

Rashmi Samant, president-elect of Oxford Student Union resigns after online attacks over her Hindu roots and old social media posts

‘Bring resolution against CAA, law for Muslim reservation’: Abu Azmi threatens to protest against Maha govt if demands not fulfilled

Gujarat 2002: The iconic photo(s) that were never taken and the question of ‘victimhood’

Kanpur: Fashion designer accuses one Arif of sexually exploiting her under a fake identity, complaint registered

Meet Abbas Siddiqui, Rahul Gandhi’s new ally who wanted 50 crore Indians to die from ‘Allah’s virus’

Leftist Historian, who got the book on Delhi riots de-platformed, gives ‘activist’ Malala Yousafzai platform to propagate anti-India narrative

The Missionary Trap Series One: Spiritual Concentration Camp

Biggest Hindu Holocaust: Everyone Should Know

नमाज पढ़ाने वालों को ₹15000, अजान देने वालों को ₹10000 प्रतिमाह सैलरी: बिहार की 1057 मस्जिदों को तोहफा

Swara Bhasker conveniently forgets Godhra massacre of Hindus, shares Muslim man’s image to say ‘never forget’ what followed

Gujarat 2002: Never forget the carnage and how the media and andolanjeevis perpetuated the ‘Dara Hua Musalman’ bogey

Delimitation and KPs: Bharatiya State’s intent on test

We Are Committed To Muslim Reservation; Decision To Be Announced In Coming Days: Maharashtra Cabinet Minister

Assassination Attempt on Prominent Kashmiri Hindu Activist Averted

Delhi: Two men – Fardeen and Aqibul – held for murder of Simran Kaur while chain snatching

Secularism takes a u-turn in West Bengal: Left-Congress alliance strikes deal with Islamist Abbas, Mamata’s appeasement politics to hit ISF roadblock

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