2nd March 2021

Daily updates for 2nd March 2021

Hyderabad Woman Techie Stabbed By Stalker Shahrukh, Condition Critical

As Congress allies with rabid Islamist in Bengal, sympathetic journalists try to shift focus to Assam Congress

Malicious Centenary of a ‘Jihad’

Woman Fired By Hindustan Times For Calling Lord Krishna A “Fuckboi” Now Writes For Newslaundry

India: Communists join forces with Muslim leaders against Hindus

Jerome Anto appointed as head of ‘Spotlight’ fame organization SNAP dealing with clergy sex abuse

Aamir Khan shelves Mahabharat amidst controversies because ‘now is not the right time’: Reports

Muslim encroachers attack Hindus cleaning crematorium land in Mewat, Haryana

After inaction by Andhra officials, LRPF seeks urgent intervention from Centre to undo land encroachment by Evangelists

Twitter forces user to delete tweet highlighting Hindu victims of Godhra massacre, days after it refused to block fake news

Dr B R Ambedkar’s grandson claims PM Modi took vaccination from Christian nurse as he does not ‘believe in Hindu nurses’

Andhra: Christian Cross Constructed Where Footprints Of Sita Maa Once Existed, Alleges BJP

Harsh Mander may have diverted funds from charities towards anti-CAA protests, alleges NCPCR

Andhra Pradesh: Conversion Mafia builds huge cross in Edlapadu; YSR Congress sponsored Christianisation drive on full swing

Three Rohingya Muslims held for forging documents and illegally staying in India

हाथरस: बेटी से छेड़छाड़ और पिता का हत्यारा निकला सपा नेता, एक आरोपी गिरफ्तार, CM योगी ने दिए NSA लगाने के निर्देश

FIR against Aam Aadmi Party MLA Abdul Rehman for molestation, assault, was earlier booked for anti-CAA violence

Andhra BJP Alleges ‘conversion’ Of Sacred Site With Sita’s Footprint; Blames CM Jagan

‘Go drink urine’: Pro-Khalistani elements attack ‘Tiranga and Maple rally’ organised by Canadian Indians, insult the Tricolour

वीडियो: ब्राह्मण युवक पर लगा SC/ST एक्ट कोर्ट ने 20 साल बाद पाया फ़र्जी, परिजनों ने गम में त्याग दी दुनिया

After Khalistanis, Akali Dal and Sikh religious body extend support to Deep Sidhu who desecrated Red Fort during Republic Day riots

भगवान दिखाने के नाम अयुब, रफाकत, परवेज एवं इस्लाम करते थे लोगों से ठगी…ख़ुदका झूठा नाम बताकर कईयों को ठगने में रहे कामयाब…अयुब गिरफ्तार बाकी फ़रार

अभिव्यक्ति की सीमित स्वतंत्रता और सीमित नैरेटिव

UP ATS Nabs Three Rohingya Muslims Illegally Living In India; Recovers Forged Indian Identity Documents, Passports

Three Rohingya Muslims held for forging documents and illegally staying in India


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