20th March 2021

Daily updates for 20th March 2021

Two temples looted on the same day near Kanyakumari

KCR and police should be ashamed for falsely implicating Hindu Vahini in Bhainsa Riots: Telangana MP Arvind Dharmapuri to OpIndia

दलितों ने आंबेडकर मंदिर के लिए तोड़ा माँ भवानी का मंदिर, विरोध करने पर छात्रा से बलात्कार का प्रयास व लगाया SC-ST एक्ट

26 verses: RSS, BJP arms seek arrest of ex-Shia panel chief

रोहिंग्या पर सख्त हो गई सरकार.. वो रोहिंग्या जो हैं संसार के सबसे क्रूर नरपिशाच

Two temples looted on the same day near Kanyakumari

‘We will rise with roar of Osama bin Laden, we are Rasul soldiers’: Muslims in Bangladesh protest against visit by ‘Hindu Nationalist’ PM Modi

No safe place for Hindu students

Dalit goons in Latur demolish Hindu temple to build Ambedkarite temple, assault a girl and slap SC/ST act against her for protesting: Report

Hindu journalist shot dead in Pakistan

Pakistani Journalist Ajay Lalwani, Who Exposed Islamic Clerics Involved In Conversion Of Hindu Girls, Shot Dead In Sindh

BJP Alappuzha candidate Sandeep Vachaspati’s floral tribute at Punnapra-Vayalar Memorial irks Communist Parties

Hamas-linked organisation, Islamic group linked to SIMI and others extend support to Audrey Truschke, accuse Hindu students of being ‘Nazis’

4 cases of dog rape in Mumbai in past few months as concerns over animal safety grow: All you need to know

Telangana IPS officer RS Praveen Kumar takes group oath denouncing Hindu deities

मरने वाले का धर्म: हिंदू, मारने वाले का मजहब: शांतिप्रिय समुदाय, जगह: पाकिस्तान… बस ये 3 बात पढ़ते ही लिबरल-सूडो सेक्यूलर जमात के मुंह में जम जाएगा दही

Andhra MP seeks action against Telangana IPS officer for promoting anti-Hindu ideology

Mumbai: 20-year-old Toufeek Ahmed rapes female dog ‘Cheenu’, caught on CCTV camera

Taufeek Ahmad Rapes Dog in Mumbai, FIR Lodged

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