21st March 2021

Daily updates for 21st March 2021

Gujarat’s Alpha Missionary comes under LRO’s radar for illegal conversion using foreign money

Gospel For Asia and Believers Eastern Church: A Decade-Long History of Funds Diversion, Betrayal of Donors and Legal Violations Across the Globe ― Part I

Pak journo Ajay Lalwani, who exposed Islamic clerics and spoke against Hindu persecution, shot dead

Hindus under attack: weekly roundup of hate-crimes, persecution and discrimination against Hindus

Muslim mob attacks Hindu colony in Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi over inter-faith marriage

Uttar Pradesh: Anurag Pandey thrashed, poisoned to death by Nasir and 3 others over an old dispute

फटी जीन्स के बहाने संस्कृति पर प्रहार क्यों?

Stand up for the Black community, stand up for Muslims, stand up against racism and hate crimes

Muslims Attack Dalit Colony After Dalit Man Marries His Muslim Girlfriend

“Founders Have Never Interfered With Academic Freedom”: Ashoka University Chancellor Rudrangshu Mukherjee

‘No entry for non-Hindus’ banners come up in over 150 Dehradun Temples in response to BSP MLA’s threat: Report

Hindu Journalist Murdered in Sindh in Pakistan

Kerala: LDF Candidate accused of hiding information regarding his Pakistani wife in Nomination Paper

UP: पुरानी रंजिश में छात्र अनुराग पांडे को जहर देने व पीटने के आरोप, मौत, नसिरुल, सद्दाम, शादाब व अख़्तर पर केस

Maa Kali murti torched at temple in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh

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