3rd March 2021

Daily updates for 3rd March 2021

Christians erect largest cross on Hindu religious Edlapadu hill which has Devi Sita’s footprints

“#DismissAbhijitSarkar” hashtag trends on Twitter over Oxford faculty’s Hinduphobic rant against Rashmi Samant

‘Was shot at because I carried out Tiranga rally and opposed throwing of beef outside Hindu houses’: RSS activist narrates political violence in West Bengal

Indu Makkal Katchi asks for 5 seats in AIADMK-BJP alliance, says will contest alone if not given

‘Islamic radicalization in Kerala is a reality’, says six-time MLA PC George

Is the Education ministry making madarsas teach Gita, Ramayana? A fact-check

The Wire publishes fake news regarding new guidelines for digital media sites, gets fact-checked

Ahmedabad netizens trend #WeWantKarnavati to get city name changed, this is why

फ़र्जी आरोपी बना जातिसूचक गाली देकर ब्राह्मण युवक की पिटाई पर लाइन हाजिर हुए थे दरोगा, अब तक नहीं हटा केस

150 Bangladeshi Hindu families protest eviction from ancestral homes for ‘Development’

सरकार का विरोध, विचार का विरोध या देश का विरोध?

PM Modi and his mother abused live on air by a caller on a BBC radio show on Sikhs in the UK

West Bengal: Police recover arms, bombs from the house of a worker of Indian Secular Front, an ally of Congress

Hours before the model code of conduct set in, Mamata Banerjee grants Rs 2.60 crore for Furfura Sharif shrine

Rahul Gandhi attacks RSS, compares schools run by them with madarsas operated by radical Islamists in Pakistan

BJP Plans To Woo Christian Voters In Kerala, Asks Church For Names Of Possible Christian Candidates: Report

BBC के प्रोग्राम में PM मोदी और उनकी मां को गालियां..देश में उठी #BanBBC की मांग

Unconditional Apology Issued by Amazon Prime on Web series Tandav; Objectionable Scene either Edited or Removed

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