23rd April 2021

Daily updates for 23rd April 2021

Christian missionary indulging in proselytization activities caught red handed by locals in TN

Two Hindu pujaris beheaded in Mahadev temple: Madhubani, Bihar

Muslim teacher takes Hindu minor as 4th wife, crematorium occupied, newspaper office attacked: Bangladesh

200 Sikh devotees returning from Pakistan test Covid positive, misbehave with medical workers

Indo-Canadian int’l drug racket busted, 25 Punjabi men held near Toronto

Hindu man beaten for refusing Rs 50,000 handout, by wife and her family, to convert to Christianity, 10 booked in MP: Details

‘Those who remain silent when Hindus are killed in Bangladesh, they are the outsiders’: BJP hits back at Mamata’s ‘Bohiragoto’ jibe in new campaign ad

After chancellor Angela Merkel’s snide remarks on India, German Embassy quickly moves to make amends

ThePrint’s contributing editor caught on the wrong foot, tries to play vulture politics over death of colleague, gets called out: Here’s what happened

Angela Merkel laments that they ‘allowed’ India to become pharmacy of the world, fears that they will not get Covid-19 medicine

श्रेष्ठतावाद और उत्पीड़न-भ्रान्ति का खेल खेलते कट्टरपंथी इस्लामी  

Brothers in Mysuru turn door-to-door barbers for Dalits after salons refuse services

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