24th April 2021

Daily updates for 24th April 2021

Man who stole temple idols sentenced to 10 years imprisonment

Muslim mob pelts stones on cops from inside mosque, destroys police station: Gujarat

12-year-old Hindu girl abducted for rape, conversion and marriage by 60-year-old Muslim man: Pakistan

Rutgers Univ. student body becomes first in US to recognize and define Hinduphobia

Is “Hinduphobia” the wrong way to describe hatred towards Hindus?

Adverse reactions to Ram Janmbhumi Trust decision show inability to think clearly

हर अवसर पर वामपंथी लेखकों का हिन्दू आस्था पर प्रहार

Hindu man beaten for refusing Rs 50,000 handout, by wife and her family, to convert to Christianity, 10 booked in MP: Details

How ex-Navbharat Times journalist lost sense of decency, called DD journalist a ‘bhakt’ and ‘liar’ for sharing personal story of mother’s COVID-19 recovery

As NDTV journalist and others rejoice at the fake news, Baba Ramdev rubbishes claims of a COVID-19 outbreak at Patanjali

What does an Indian liberal do with the money they get for writing tragedy porn?

Rutgers Student Association passes historic resolution against Hinduphobia: All you need to know about the lead up to it

Years after marriage, Haryana woman finds out her husband ‘Ramesh’ is a Muslim, stages sit-in protest after she is pressurised to convert to Islam

Pakistan: Islamic scholar turned politician gets trolled for doing ‘Nagin dance’ and other ‘haram’ things on TV during Ramzan

‘If you talk against Jihad, we will chop your tongue off, Inshallah’: Terrorist issues death threat against J&K BJP chief Ravinder Raina

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