26th April 2021

Daily updates fro 26th April 2021

Feasting on the dead: Reuters’ morbid obsession with watching Hindus burn amid the rising COVID-19 pandemic

Idol from Muniyappan temple immolated using petrol by mysterious men

Nidhi Paswan murder case: Cops arrest stalker Haider Ali and two aides for slitting the throat of teenager

Angry Muslim man slits throat of Hindu woman for refusing to marry him

Ramjanmabhoomi Trust to build oxygen manufacturing facility for COVID patients

NDTV’s ‘charlatan’ Harvard ‘Covid expert’ who claimed 5 M people will die in India by August not an infectious disease expert: Details

An article by OpIndia columnist Abhishek Banerjee got Congress sympathisers to lose their minds: Here’s what it said

Low IQ supporters proudly display their low IQ while attacking OpIndia: Here’s how

Joy, then embarrassment: Why Indian liberal class is so fond of US politicians and how their uncritical adoration led to massive loss of face

After denying raw materials for vaccine, US officials rush to undo damage and promise help

A lonely battle to free temples? Yeddyurappa and his commitment to the cause

Kerala government entity sells only Halal chicken

One case of grooming jihad, one of sexual assault reported from Baghpat, UP

Are some in the West trying to decriminalise paedophilia and incest?

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