27th April 2021

Daily updates for 27th April 2021

TMC Spokesperson Touseef Ahmed Khan uses Anti-Hindu”Gau Mutra” Jibe on Live TV debate

Grooming Jihadi Hyder kills Hindu girl Nidhi by slitting her throat

For the USCIRF, only Christian lives matter!

आपदा में अवसर – गिद्ध पत्रकार

Gauhati HC grants bail to writer who questioned martyr status of CAPF jawans killed by Maoist terrorists

J&K Police arrest 2 Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists

Kannada actress Shanaya Katwe and boyfriend Niyaz Ahemed arrested for murdering her brother, had decapitated his head too: Details

Pakistan: Muslim man poses as Sikh to give hateful statements against France, European Sikh leaders angry

NYPost uses old image to claim people are dying on streets from COVID-19 in India, replaces it with funeral pyre after being called out: Details

85-year-old COVID-positive RSS Swayamsevak gave up his bed and life so another person can live

Pakistan: Hindu girl who was kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam seen in a video pleading for help

Rajasthan: Thousands gather to mourn death of minister Saleh Mohammad’s father as Covid guidelines go for a toss. Watch video

Agra: Septicemia patient Irfan’s rumoured death triggers anger, relatives vandalise hospital, assault nurse

Despite not wearing a mask herself, transgender Congress councillor thrashes two Hindu Sadhus: Watch

Devotees register plea to renovate Kanchi Anandha Rudreswarar Temple pond

This Hanumān Jayantī, Hindus must look to Hanumān for Energy and Inspired Action

Seven arrested in kidnapping plot; inquiry reveals that accused was angry over loss in investments

FCRA NGOs ask NITI Aayog CEO to write letter to HM seeking relaxation of FCRA rules

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