14th July 2021

Daily updates for 14th July 2021

Assam’s cattle protection bill: In sync with Article 48 of the Constitution

AAP को हिंदू संस्कृति से नफरत क्यों है? यूपी नेता ने CM योगी को कहा रोज़ मूत्र पियो…जनता ने कहा गिरफ्तार करो

सेना को सब्जी सप्लाय करने वाला हबीब खान करता था पकिस्तान के लिए जासूसी, राजस्थान से गिरफ्तार

जनसंख्या नियंत्रण पर छिड़ी सियासत पर केंद्रीय मंत्री बोले- धर्म-राजनीति का नहीं, देश के विकास का है ये मुद्दा

बकरीद पर लखनऊ में बम धमाके कर लाशों का ढेर लगाना चाहते थे अलकायदा के आतंकी … फिर भी कहते हैं कि आतंक का कोई …….

सशक्त हिन्दू स्त्रियों को निर्बल बनाने का नैरेटिव: शकुन्तला

Former MLA and Bhim Army Leader arrested in Murder case

J&K: Three Terrorists Including Top LeT Commander Abu Huraira Gunned Down By Security Forces In Pulwama Encounter

Maoist sympathizing Christian priest appointed as TNPSC member by DMK govt

बदायूं में लव जेहादः दानिश ने खुद को दिनेश बताकर रचाई शादी, युवती का कराया धर्मांतरण, पिता-पुत्र गिरफ्तार

‘ब्राह्मणों की बच्चियों को छीन कर लाता, उन्हें मुस्लिम बना बड़ा करता था’ – टीपू सुल्तान के हरम में 600 महिलाओं की कहानी

Exclusive : Bengaluru Church converted 1000s of children in orphanage, got crores from USA!

Madarsas in Kanpur sheltering and training Pak sponsored terrorists

15 JMB terrorists crossed into Bharat from Bangladesh, some posing here as fruit sellers

Top Lashkar commander among 3 terrorists killed in Pulwama

लगातार दायरा बढ़ा रहा है लव जिहाद

Grooming Jihad in Badaun: Danish becomes Dinesh to marry and forcibly convert a Hindu woman, arrested after the victim files police case

Delhi riots accused Safoora Zargar has to ‘drop a pin’ on Google Maps for verification when she visits Kashmir for Eid, orders court

Lucknow: UP ATS arrests 3 more accused linked to Al Qaeda from Kakori, suspicious videos found on phones of previously arrested terrorists

Maharashtra: Christian group files complaint against Kareena Kapoor Khan for her book ‘Pregnancy Bible’ alleging blasphemy

Five children, including four girls rescued from Shalom Biblical Baptist church in Bengaluru: Report

DMK-led govt in Tamil Nadu appoints Maoist sympathiser Christian priest as the member of Public Service Commission

Maharashtra: Police arrest occult practitioner ‘Baba Karim Khan Bengali’ for cheating young woman, media reports call him ‘Tantrik’

Baji Prabhu Deshpande: The Maratha warrior who sacrificed his life for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Rape charges against Waseem Rizvi, who wanted ‘hateful verses’ from Quran removed, says it’s attempt to defame him

Pakistan: Provincial govt withdraws cases against 350 accused in the Krishna temple demolition case claiming Hindus have ‘pardoned’ them

Yati Narsinghanand claims 4 ‘assassins’ who wanted to kill him arrested, police says no connection to Yati

Chattisgarh: Sukhma SP puts district officials on high alert over Christian missionaries’ conversion activities in tribal areas

J&K: Pakistani LeT commander and 2 other terrorists neutralized in an ongoing encounter in Pulwama, curfew imposed

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