15th July 2021

Daily updates for 15th July 2021

Now Or Never – Hindus Have To Unite, Go Above Their Castes And Become Hindus First

Lessons For India From South Africa: Beware Of Those Bearing Gifts

There is ‘Law of Ruler’, Not ‘Rule of Law’ In West Bengal, Says NHRC Committee Report; Recommends CBI Probe in Post-Poll Violence in West Bengal

Violence In South Africa: Why are Indians being targeted?

Vegetable Seller Habeeb Khan Turns Into ISI Spy, Joins Hand With Army Man To Leak Info To Pakistan, Both Arrested

MK Stalin Govt Appoints Pro-Maoist Evangelist As Member Of TNPSC & Demolishes 100 Yr Old Hindu Temples In Coimbatore

Kerala Muslim cleric calls women going out after 9 at night “prostitutes”, says they should be killed

सेक्स जिहाद की घिनौनी वारदात, दानिश से बना दिनेश, हिंदू युवती का जबरन धर्म परिवर्तन फिर निकाह, विरोध किया तो भाई और अब्बू से भी कराया शारीरिक शोषण

सैन्य शिविर में सब्जी बेचने जाता था हबीब खान, वहां से सेना की जानकारियां भेजता था ISI को …. इसी तरह जीता जाएगा विश्वास ?

How Jamia Millia Islamia’s Character And Demography Changed In Last 10 Years And Why It’s A Serious Concern

तमिल प्रेम में भी तुष्टिकरण: 7 मंदिर तोड़ने वाला एमके स्टालिन मंदिरों से हटवाना चाहता है संस्कृत, जबकि मस्जिद में अरबी इस्तेमाल पर नहीं है कोई समस्या..!

Church in Kanyakumari found functioning as brothel, 7 including a pastor and 4 women held

Tamil Nadu Govt Demolishes Seven Temples in Coimbatore, VHP Protests Demolition

दानिश से दिनेश बन की फेसबुक पर दोस्ती, जबरन निकाह के बाद किया शारीरिक और मानसिक शोषण

चर्च की आड़ में सेक्स रैकेट चला रहा था पादरी, लग्जरी गाड़ियों में आते थे पुरुष-महिलाएँ, तमिलनाडु में 7 गिरफ्तार

अखरोट फोड़ने से क्या है बम फोड़ने का आतंकी कनेक्शन? पढ़िए यूपी में Terror का ‘ड्राई फ्रूट’ कनेक्शन..!

अंधविश्वास के चक्कर में पूरे गांव ने कर लिया धर्म परिवर्तन, साल भर के अंदर सैकड़ों हिंदू बन गए ईसाई

तमिलनाडु में 7 हिंदू मंदिर स्टालिन सरकार ने तोड़े, अवैध चर्चों पर क्यों नहीं चलते हैं ये सरकारी बुलडोजर?

Century-old temples demolished in Tamil Nadu

गोरखपुर: जनता दरबार पहुंचा धर्मांतरण का मामला, CM योगी के आदेश पर तुरंत गिरफ्तार हुआ आरोपी अमीरुल

DMK-led govt in Tamil Nadu appoints Maoist sympathiser Christian priest as the member of Public Service Commission

जो आतंकी 15 अगस्त से पहले यूपी में बम धमाके कर बिछाना चाहते थे लाशें, उन आतंकियों का केस लड़ेगी जमीयत-उलमा-ए-हिंद… सेक्यूलरिज्म की गजब परिभाषा देख रहा देश

Aurangzebi MK Stalin Govt Demolishes Seven Temples In Coimbatore, While Leaving Untouched Entire Vajragiri Hill Encroached By Christian Mafia – 240 Hindu Munnani Protestors Arrested

Sikh man’s turban thrown, fed Halal meat by wife and in-laws in a bid to convert him to Islam

Disillusioned by Maoism, son of high ranking Maoists surrenders to police

Jain girl “commits suicide” 3 years after eloping with Waseem

Naseeb, Mohamme Azam and Mahir Khan arrested with 19 cars worth Rs. 3 crore conned from customers

धार्मिक अनुवाद की परतें और हिन्दू धार्मिक ग्रंथों का सतही अनुवाद: मनुस्मृति

Faizulla, Syed Siraj Ahmed, Mohammed Ali and 14 other notorious robbers arrested; 20 cars and 58 bikes recovered

Mentally challenged 15 year old boy beaten to death and woman sexually abused in home run by a Maulana

Bihar: Entire village converts to Christianity due to superstition

JUH to provide legal help to those arrested by ATS in Lucknow

Everything you need to know about the Assam Cow Protection Bill

Sukma SP orders supervision of Christian missionary activities in tribal areas

‘They’ve leaked it’, Mamata Banerjee cries foul as NHRC submits report on Bengal post-poll violence, lies that report not submitted to court yet

Tamil Nadu based far-left group raises objection to Indian Army’s battle cry ‘Veeravel, Vetrivel’, terms it a religious slogan

‘Law of Ruler’ not ‘Rule of Law’: NHRC makes damning disclosures on post-poll violence in West Bengal

Anti-White and anti-Indian bigotry in South Africa: The racism that does not attract the world’s condemnation

Vegetable vendor Habibur Rahman arrested from Pokhran for spying for ISI, army personnel Paramjit Kaur under lens suspecting involvement

Chandigarh: Sikh man files case against Muslim wife, in-laws for trying to convert him and his minor son to Islam

Palaeolithic cave paintings found near Delhi in the Aravalli ranges in Haryana, experts say could be among the oldest

Azamgarh: 17-year-old girl goes missing minutes after talking to one Mohammad Lukmaan on phone, family alleges love jihad

Congress mouthpiece Editorial Consultant is upset at ‘friendly’ fact-checkers. Here is why

UP: Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind comes to the rescue of Al-Qaeda terror suspects nabbed by ATS, decides to provide legal aid

Pakistani minister opposes restrictions on the religious conversion of minors, says ‘it’s their choice’

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